2012 RESULTS Houston Benefit

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RESULTS Houston 2012 Benefit

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The gathering

Opening by Patti Gras including "Las Mananitas"

Joanne Carter speaks about RESULTS

Joanne introduces Dr. Jeffrey Starke

Dr. Jeffrey Starke speaks of child survival and tuberculosis

David Schubert requests donations

Honoring and celebrating

the compassionate and effective work of
Jeffrey Starke M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine,
and Director of Children’s Tuberculosis Clinic, Texas Children’s Hospital
“Millions of children in the world continue to die each year from preventable diseases
and conditions like measles, AIDS, tuberculosis and malnutrition.
We have the tools and the resources to attack these problems NOW;
what we have lacked is the political will to do so.
Future generations will judge us by whether or not we dedicate ourselves to the achievable goal of helping children survive.”

  When:  October 12, 2012 --  Hope you were there!

Junior League,1800 Briar Oaks Lane, Houston, TX 77027

 What:  Inspiring, fun-filled, gourmet Benefit Dinner
honoring Dr. Jeffrey Starke as a powerful advocate for children, as a co-founder of Children at Risk, and for his long-term commitment to children's health care specializing in childhood tuberculosis.

 Why:   "Every child deserves a fifth birthday," is the theme of the benefit. A goal of RESULTS is to reduce preventable early childhood deaths to near zero. When RESULTS was formed 30 years ago 42,000 children died needlessly every day from common childhood diseases. Today that number has been cut in half, in large part because of RESULTS’ volunteers  advocating  for basic medical treatment.

        Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday !     


RESULTS, Inc. is an international, grassroots citizen's advocacy organization whose purpose is to create the political will to end hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. RESULTS Educational Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, focuses on making an impact in these same areas through training and education.  The two nonprofits work together to accomplish these goals through research, education and training, public events, media coverage and advocacy.  Our research analyzes U.S. spending on hunger and poverty at home and abroad and seeks out sustainable effective remedies.

Our campaigns focus attention on these solutions and support legislators in making them national priorities.  We combine effective non-partisan lobbying and powerful education through persistent media coverage and public events.  These efforts have shifted billions of dollars into cost-effective programs that have saved millions of lives and helped countless people to rise out of poverty.  Through the RESULTS network of training and support, ordinary citizens use their democratic power to create a world of sufficiency and justice for all.

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