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2015 Larry Evans Memorial details
The tournament is set for April 3-5, 2015. Details are now posted HERE>>. Advance entries (updated 3/2/2015) are posted HERE>>, and HERE>>.
2015-02-27 Club Championship Qualifier, Round 8 of 9
After eight rounds, Fred Casten and Terry Alsasua lead the open section at 6.5/8, but Casten has the head-to-head tiebreak. Rankings after round 8 are: 1. Casten, 2. Alsasua, 3. Fedunov, 4. Fleming, 5. Young, 6. Hong, 7. Fischer, 8. Weikel, 9. Peterson, 10. Brandt. Young and Fischer have clinched top 8 spots. Peterson has been eliminated from playoff contention. Brandt almost certainly will have to play wildcard matches. If Fischer can stay even with Weikel in the next round, he might get a first round bye. In Section 1, Matt Herald upended Kevin Chung and now leads with 6.0/8, but Chung with 5.5/7 (excluding a draw with Mathew) can still make it to the playoffs with a win over Andy Pease. Herald needs Chung to draw or lose in order to advance. In Section 2, Bob Turner and Dan Shapiro lead with 5.0/6 with Turner holding the head-to-head tiebreak. Final Round 9 of the club championship qualifier starts March 12 at 6:30pm. If you need a regular exemption from the 6:30pm start time, let Jerry Weikel know and your games will be postponed until 7:00pm. Time control will be a return to the original club time control 30/90, SD/60; delay 5 seconds. Note: new players Sandeep Mathew in Section 1 and Ed Isabelle in Section 2 are ineligible for advancement to the finals; games against them will be rated, but do not count for championship berths and also make-up games against them are not required. There are 9 weeks for games from January 15 through March 12. There are three single round robin sections, Open, Section 1, and Section 2. The Open Section includes:
  1. Past Nevada State Champion titleholders
  2. Past Reno Chess Club Champion titleholders
  3. Players rated 2000 and over
  4. Remainder of 10 slots to be filled with players ranked by rating as of the USCF January 2015 rating list

Players in categories 1 (Weikel, Brandt), 2 (Hong, Fedunov, Alsasua), and 3 (Casten, Fleming) automatically advance to the playoffs. Young, Peterson, and Fischer have to finish in the top 8 to get the playoffs. If Young, Peterson, and Fischer all finish in the top 8 (ahead of players in categories 1-3), the playoffs will be expanded to a maximum of 10, perhaps with some 2-game matches between #7 versus #10, #8 versus #9. The top point-scoring players out of Section 1 and Section 2 play each other in a wildcard match for the right to challenge the lowest seed from the Open Section.

Pairings for the ninth round are:

Section Date Pairings (white-black)
Open Mar 12 Young-Alsasua Casten-Fedunov Peterson-Fischer Weikel-Fleming Brandt-Hong
Section 1 Mar 12 Herald-Mathew Chung-Pease Christensen-Wyatt Mann,A.-Kurtiz Mortlock-Houser
Section 2 Mar 12 Shapiro-Hunt Chinnici-Isabelle Mann,J.-Smith Turner-Arteaga Giovannetti-Olson

Make-up games include:

Section 1:
A.Mann-Mortlock (might only matter for class championships)

Section 2:
Hunt-Arteaga (might only matter for class championships)
Arteaga-Smith (might only matter for class championships)
J.Mann-Hunt (might only matter for class championships)

All pairings and competitors are listed on the tournament page HERE>>

12-27-2014 One-Day Quick Chess Tournament slated for January 8
Sign up for the club championship qualifier and play in a 4-7 round swiss with G/15 time controls, $5 entry fee, and cash prizes.
12-24-2014 Holiday Swiss Final Round 7
Original Life Master Terry Alsasua finished with 5.5/7 and clear first atop the field of 23. See results HERE>>.
10-28-2014 Terry Alsasua wins 2nd Annual October Swift Quads
David Peterson organized a 1-night, 3-game quad using newer increment time controls G/30+10 seconds. Perhaps because of the speed or the short notice, only about 7 players participated, but only four ended up playing. Terry Alsasua smoothly swept Shapiro, Chung, and Young to finish at 3.0/3. Likely one-night quads will become more regular happenings at the club, especially before or after major tournaments.
10-19-2014 Western States Open Results!
174 players gathered for the 32nd Annual Western States Open at the Reno Sands Regency. It was a six-way tie at 4.5/6 atop the Open section among GM Melikset Khachiyan, IM Andrey Gorovets, GM Alexander Ivanov, GM Alex Yermolinsky, GM Enrico Sevillano, and GM Walter Browne. William Sartorio and Raymond Muller tied at 5.0/6 atop Class A. Scott Poling won Class B outright with 5.5/6. Josiah Perkins and Alekhine Nouri tied at 5.0/6 atop Class C. Hailey Riley won Class D outright with 5.0/6. See all results HERE>>.
10-9-2014 Club Championship Finals - Hong wins the 2014 Club Championship!
Ernie Hong won with Black to win the match for the Club Championship against Jerry Weikel 3.5-2.5. In the semifinals, Weikel won 4-2 against Grant Fleming while Ernie Hong won 5-3 against Daniil Fedunov. In the quarterfinal best-of-4 matches, Club Champion Jerry Weikel took care of business going 3-0 against Paul Mortlock, Grant Fleming went 2.5-1.5 against Kevin Chung, Ernie Hong went 3-0 against George Fischer, and Daniil Fedunov beat Fred Casten 2.5-0.5. The club championship bracket is HERE>>.
10-7-2014 North Team Wins in Tonopah!*
The North team won the championship by a final score of 11-9, although we were pivotally helped by 6 forfeit points in our favor. The team trophy returns to the North for the first time in about 6 years. In the Nevada State Championship Semifinals, Las Vegas masters Elliott Liu and Mike Zaloznyy won convincingly over Ernie Hong and Jerry Weikel, respectively. For the Finals, FM Elliott Liu drew with Black in the first game and won with White in the second game a week later to win the Nevada State Chess Champion title against NM Mike Zaloznyy. In the Nevada Quick Chess Championship, Juan Jauregui won clear first ($200) while Virgil Reyes won clear second ($100) atop the field of 13 players. There was a 4-way tie for the $50 U1900 prize: Tony Chinnici and Kevin Chung claimed two of those shares.
9-28-2014 David Ryba Memorial, Final Round 6
Jerry Weikel won his fifth game in a row to finish in clear first with 5.0/6 atop the field of 17. Fred Casten was slowed by a draw with George Fischer and got clear second place with 4.5/6. See results HERE>>.
9-28-2014 Annual Meeting
Last year's officers were largely re-elected by acclamation. The exception was that Vern Young was newly elected to Vice President. Here are your officers: President - Jerry Weikel, Vice President - Vern Young, Treasurer - George Smith, Secretary - Norm Wyatt, Sergeant-At-Arms - Rick Arteaga. Two changes were proposed and will likely be tested in the Holiday Swiss during November and December. Games should start closer to 6:30pm, with exceptions given to players that cannot arrive that early. We will also be trying a shorter time control 30/90, SD/30 (instead of SD/60).
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