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2016-05-27 May Day Swiss, Round 3 of 5
After 3 rounds, Paul Mortlock has the sole lead at 2.5/3 in the field of 9 players. See cross table here>>.
2016-05-20 Club Championship Semifinal Matches
Club Championship 4-game quarterfinal matches started April 7 and likely will include Sunday games. New rules may apply; click here>> to review. The play-in 2-game match was won by Dan Shapiro 1.5-0.5 over Jason Thoel. #4 Kevin Chung was the first to advance, winning 2-0 over #5 George Fischer. Fischer elected to concede the match with a round 3 forfeit. #3 Jerry Weikel won 3-0 over #6 David Peterson. #7 Tony Chinnici drew with black in game 3 against #2 Fred Casten. Despite leading 2.0-1.0, Chinnici resigned the match, so Casten advanced to the semifinals. #1 Kevin Gafni won 3-0 over #8 Dan Shapiro. Kevin Gafni won with black in game 2 of the 4-game semifinal match with Kevin Chung. Due to scheduling constraints and hitting a ceiling in the number of match rating points gained in 3 years, Kevin Chung decided to resign the match despite being tied at 1-1. Jerry Weikel won with white in game 5 against Fred Casten and now leads 3-2 in the 6-game semifinal match. See the club championship bracket here>>
2016-05-20 Class Championship matches
David Toste drew with black in game 4 against Jason Thoel to win the Class C Championship Finals match 2.5-1.5. Congratulations to David Toste! Chris Hebein won game 4 against James Mann to win the match 2.5-1.5 for the Class B Championship. Andy Pease won with black in game 4 against Norm Wyatt to win the match 3-1 for the Class D Championship. Congratulations Chris and Andy! Their names have been added to the champions page. See the class championship matches here>>.
2016-05-06 April Showers Swiss, Final Round 5
George Fischer won the April Showers Swiss with 4.0/5 atop the field of 14 players. See cross table here>>.
2016-03-30 Larry Evans Memorial Results!
About 172 players showed up for the 5th Annual Larry Evans Memorial. In the Open Section, there was a four-way tie among GMs Kudrin, Khachiyan, and Sevillano, and IM Bryant, all with 5.0/6. Khachiyan won the tiebreak rapid games. See Results>>.
2016-03-11 Class Championship Qualifier, Final Round 13
The club calendar>> has been updated to show details through September.
After 13 rounds, Jason Thoel with 10.5/12 edged David Toste who had 10.0/12. Thoel wins the U1800 Championship Title and advances as wildcard to the club championship bracket to challenge #8 Dan Shapiro. Since Thoel declined the Class C simul prize, it goes to David Toste. James Mann earned the Class B simul prize. Andy Pease, who won the Class D simul prize, may challenge Norm Wyatt for the Class D Championship. See class qualifier results here>>. The qualifier is now rated! David Toste jumped 156 rating points! Jason Thoel gained 83, and James Mann gained 74.
2016-03-11 Club Championship Qualifier, Final Round 11
After 11 rounds, Kevin Gafni finished with 9.0/10, clinching first seed. Rounding out the rest of the bracket are #2 Casten, #3 Weikel, #4 Chung, #5 Fischer, #6 Peterson, #7 Chinnici, and #8 Shapiro. Chung edged Fischer on the head-to-head tiebreak and gets the Class A simul prize. Chung and Fischer will contend for the Class A Championship. See club qualifier results here>>.
2015-12-18 Holiday Swiss, Final Round 7
Attrition reduced the swiss tournament to 4 players last Thursday. Dan Shapiro caught Arlo Mann (who didn't play). They split first place atop the 14-man field in the Holiday Swiss. See results>>.
2015-10-23 Western States Open Results!
157 players competed in the 33rd Reno Western States Open. GM Jesse Kraai and WGM Tatev Abrahamyan shared first place with 5.0/6 in the Open Section. Kraai won $100 extra for winning the G/10x2 playoff. See Western States Open Results!>>
2015-09-27 Vegas retakes Team Trophy in Tonopah
Congratulations to the Las Vegas team for winning the annual team match. Defending state champion Elliott Liu and last year's runner-up Mike Zaloznyy defeated experts Virgil Reyes and Ernie Hong, respectively. Liu and Zaloznyy will have a rematch of last year's state championship later in October.
2015-09-24 Annual Meeting
The current slate of officers were re-elected except Jeff Olson replaced Rick Arteaga at Sergeant at Arms. 2015-2016 officers are: President - Jerry Weikel; Vice President - Vernon Young; Treasurer - George Smith; Secretary - Norm Wyatt; Sergeant-At-Arms - Jeff Olson. A few issues were discussed, namely that the club will likely return to 30/90,SD/60 time controls and that the events calendar should be more detailed. Please pay annual dues to Treasurer George Smith by Thursday, October 8.
2015-09-18 David Ryba Memorial, Final Round 6
Jerry Weikel beat Kevin Gafni while Grant Giovannetti beat George Fischer; both finished 5.0/6 to split the top prize of the David Ryba Memorial. Giovannetti gained 143 rating points! See the results HERE>>.
2015-09-06 Club Championship - Hong repeats!
Defending club champion Ernie Hong won with white against Fred Casten to clinch the club championship 4.5-3.5. This is the second year in a row Hong has won the club championship. See the Club Championship bracket HERE>>.
2015-08-07 Summer Swiss, Final Round 6
Jason Thoel finished atop the field of 12 with a score of 4.0/6 and a performance rating of 1830! Jason's pre-tournament rating was 1388 and he gained 148 rating points to 1536! See the Summer Swiss results HERE>>
2015-07-31 Class Championships
Congratulations to George Fischer who clinched the Class A Championship 2.5-1.5 over Barry Brandt! This is George's third year in a row of winning the Class A Championship. Congratulations to Kevin Chung who clinched the Class B Championship 3-0 over Bob Turner! In Class C, Mike Houser, down 0-1, conceded the match to Grant Giovannetti. Congratulations to Grant Giovannetti, Class C Champion! Congratulations to Norm Wyatt who clinched the Class D Championship with a draw to finish 4.5-1.5 over Jim Hunt. This is Norm's second year in a row of winning the Class D Championship. See the Class Championship results HERE>> George's, Kevin's, Grant's, and Norm's names have been added to the Champions page.
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