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The Reno Chess Club was established in 1952.

2850 Wrondel Way
Reno, NV 89502
Hours: Thursdays, 6:30pm-Midnight
2019-07-12 O'Doan Swiss round 4 results posted
The O'doan Swiss has 14 players and runs until July 18th; 5 rounds $10 entry. Kevin Chung and James Inman share first; Kagan Uz is clear second & sharing third is George Fischer, Don Meyer and Tao NathanielSee results here>>
2019-06-07 Lilac Swiss results posted
The Lilac Swiss is complete; James Inman scores first followed by Jeff Bilyeu and Bob Bennett sharing second.
See Results>> .
2019-06-04 Class Championships
David Toste is the Class B champion; Paul Mortlock is the Class C Champion and
Norm Wyatt is the Class D Champion. See results here>>.
2019-07-12 Club Championship
Eight players including defending club and state champion NM Daniil Fedunov kicked off the club championship elimination bracket. See Results.
2019-05-03 David Ryba Memorial Tournament announced
David Ryba Memorial Tournament starts August 15th to Sept 19th $35 entry; prize fund.
2019-05-03 Class Championship Qualifier
Fifteen players kicked off a single round robin tournament set to last from January 17 to May 2. David Toste and Jack Hayes play 4 games for Class B championship; Kagan Uz and Paul Mortlock play 4 games for Class C Championship. Norm Wyatt is the Class D Champion, Congratulations Norm. See pairings and results here>>.
2019-05-03 Club Championship Qualifier
Eight players including defending club and state champion NM Daniil Fedunov kicked off a double round robin tournament set to last from January 17 to April 25. Danill Fedunov leads with a perfect score 13.0/13, followed by Fred Casten 9.5/13 in second; clear third is Tony Chinnici 7.0/14. See pairings and results here>>.
2019-04-25 Larry Evans Memorial results posted
Congratulations to GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez, GM Enrico Sevillano and Josh Grabinsky, who shared first place in the Open Section. The Expert Section went to a five-way tie among Bryon Doyle, Christopher Pan, Anthony Blessing, Om Chinchiwadkar, and Pranav Kurunogod Anoop. Section A went to a two-way tie between Kian Patel and Cailen Melville. Section B went to a two-way tie between Lucas Flach and Shubham Patankar. Jason Liu won clear first in Section C. Jolene Liu won clear first in Section D. Sacramento Chess Club 1 won the team competition. Top Senior was Bernard Spera. Top Unrated was Jonathan Snoeberger. See the cross tables in results>>.
2018-12-14 Terry Alsasua Memorial, results posted
The second annual Terry Alsasua Memorial Tournament finished; 17 players had signed up. After 6 rounds, Jerry Weikel wins clear first with 5.0/6 followed by Danill Fedunov and Kevin Chung sharing 2nd with 4.5/6 and a clear third for Fred Casten with 4.0/6. See Results>>.
2018-10-23 Western States Open cross table results posted
The 36th Annual Western States Open featured attendance by about 200 players. In the Open Section, GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez won clear first with 5.0/6. Class winners included Stephen Pulley (5.0/6) in Expert, Kevin Yanofsky (5.0/6) in Class A, William Wijaya (5.0/6) in Class B, Jason Gold (5.5/6) in Class C, and Kyria Kypriotakis (5.5/6) in Class D. Mechanics Institute - Team A (36.5) won the team competition a half point ahead of Seattle Chess Club A (36.0) and Oregon Chess (35.0). Top Senior went to Jeff Andersen (4.5/6). See the cross tables>>.
2018-10-11 Western States Warmup, results posted
The second annual Western States Warmup finished; 10 players signed up, 3 rounds $5 entry, for ratings only. Jeff Bilyeu and Kagan Uz tie for first. George Fischer, Don Meyer and David Toste tie for 2nd. Bob Bennett and George Smith tie for 3rd.
2018-09-25 Fedunov wins Nevada State Championship!
Daniil Fedunov's winning ways culminated in his winning the Nevada State Championship from the defending champion Mike Zaloznyy this past weekend in Tonopah. As a result, he crossed into a master's rating at USCF 2209 and earned the National Master title. Congratulations to our champion and newly minted Master!
2018-09-21 David Ryba Memorial, results posted!
David Ryba Memorial Tournament is complete, Danill Fedunov the winner with 6 points, Fred Casten 2nd with 5 points for 3rd Jerry Weikel and Richard Ash tied with 4 points each. See Results>>
2018-08-11 Fedunov Club Champion!
Defending club champion Daniil Fedunov won Jerry Weikel on their 4th game. Fedunov has won his second straight club championship and his third overall; congratulations Danill.
2018-08-05 WolfMan Swiss, results posted!
The WolfMan Swiss is complete, Fred Casten at the top, followed by George Fischer, and an impressive 3rd for George Smith! See Results>>
2018-07-13 Class Championships
The Class A champion is George Fischer.The Class B Champion is Jack Hayes. The Class C Champion is David Toste. The Class D champion is George Smith. See the Class Championship Match Page>>.
2018-06-14 May Day Swiss, results posted!
The May Day Swiss is complete, Angel Lopez comes out on top, Richard Ash in second; See Results>>
2018-05-10 Class Championship Qualifiers
Sixteen players contested the Class Championship Qualifier in a marathon 15-round single round robin. Newcomers Allen Stokes and Jack Hayes finished atop the leaderboard with 12.0/15, but Stokes won the berth into the Club Championship match against George Fischer by virtue of the head-to-head tiebreak. Jack Hayes will play Don Meyer for the Class B championship. David Toste will play Paul Mortlock for the Class C championship. George Smith will play Dylan Giesler in the Class D championship.
2018-03-22 Fedunov dominates Club Championship Qualifier
Defending club champion Daniil Fedunov wrapped up the top seed into the club championship bracket with a perfect 8.0/8 in the 5-man Club Qualifier Round Robin. Congratulations to Daniil, who was within 15 rating points of a National Master certificate.
2018-04-03 Larry Evans Memorial results posted!
The 7th Annual Memorial for the late, great Larry Evans took place March 30-April 1, 2018. 206 players appeared on the field of battle. GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez and NM Chao Zhang tied atop the Open with 5.0/6 (Jimenez won the Armageddon). Clear first place winners in all the sections included Abhishek Handigol in the Expert Section, Vladysl Shevkunov in the A Section, Felix Liu in the B Section, Abraham Martinez in the C Section and Robert Hill in the D Section. Top team went to Seattle Chess Club A. Top senior was Philip Harshman. See Results.
2017-01-11 Fedunov wins Holiday Swiss
Daniil Fedunov has won the 2017 Holiday Swiss with a score of 4 1/2 points. The 1/2 point was a bye. Don Meyer had a fine tournament and scored 4 points. George Fischer and Jeff Bilyeu were equal 3rd at 3 1/2 points. Click link for crosstable 2017 Holiday Swiss. Jeff Bilyeu made a deluxe crosstable in PDF format complete with ratings graphs. Click here to view the Deluxe PDF.
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