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The Reno Chess Club was established in 1952.
2017 Larry Evans Memorial Info, preregistration #2 posted 2/11->

2017-02-17 Reno chess hangouts shifting
Daniil Fedunov invited chess players to hang out at Bazaar restaurant/grocery starting at 9AM on Sundays. It is located north of the Atlantis Casino, near Popeye's Chicken on Moana and Virginia. Not sure if Shopper's Square is still going on weekends, but Julio Castaneda has been trying to get people to come to Meadowood Mall Food Court (not sure what time frame, but perhaps he's there most days during business hours. Games Galore, also in Meadowood has invited chess players to their tabletop night which I think is Monday night.
2017-02-07 Terry Alsasua passed away
Eleuterio "Terry" Alsasua, a longtime club member, passed away on Tuesday. Terry was a National Master, an Original Life Master, and Reno Club Champion in 2006. Terry was my (EH) chess nemesis as I won 2 out of the first 3 games we played in 2005, but since then he racked up 9 wins, 4 draws, and 0 losses against me. He was 79 years old.
2017-02-17 Club and Class Championship Qualifier, Week 5
Gabby Arenas is the leader in the Class Championship Qualifier with a 5-0 start. Jerry Weikel is the leader in the Club Championship Qualifier, with a 4-1 start. Note: Andy Pease has withdrawn, so Class Qualifier players who were slated to play him get a bye instead. BUT a new player joined the club this week, Steven McCaffrey and it would be a nice welcome to play rated games against this unrated player during your BYE. Your standing in the round robin should not be affected, but rating points might be at stake. Please make sure your opponent and TD Weikel know in advance if you're not going to show. Make-ups can sometimes be rescheduled. Forfeits are a sad way to award results. The Club Championship Qualifier is being contested among seven 1800+ rated players in a double round robin format. The Class Championship Qualifier is being contested among sixteen U1800 rated players in a single round robin format. Here are links to this website for the club>> and class>> championship qualifiers. An external website has faster responsiveness and a cleaner interface for the club>> and class>> championship qualifiers.
2016-12-15 Holiday Swiss
Ernie Hong finished atop the 18-player swiss with 5.0/7. Find results here>>
2016-10-26 Reno Western States Open in the books!
The 34th annual Western States Open has concluded. GM Melikset Khachiyan, GM Alexander Ivanov, and IM John Bryant finished atop the Open section with 5.0/6. Other winners included Michael Taylor in Class A, our own Bob Wheat in Class B, Guy Sirak and Joseph Levine tied atop Class C, and unrated Patrick Nadon in Class D/under. Team winners were #1 Seattle, #2 Mechanics 1, and #3-4 Mechanics 2 and Sacramento (tied). Farid Watson won the Senior prize. Click here>> for results.
2016-10-08 Tonopah Match - RENO WINS!
Results are available courtesy of Las Vegas Chess Center here>>. The trophy will be proudly featured at our club once again for the year!
2016-09-22 Western States Warmup
Fred Casten and George Fischer finished atop the 17-man field with 3.5/4. Results are posted here>>.
2016-09-15 Annual Meeting / David Ryba Memorial / Houser Donation
The only change in officers this year was a role reversal between Jerry Weikel and Vernon Young. You can observe the changes on the current members page here>>. Fred Casten finished in sole first place in the David Ryba Memorial. Results are posted here>>. Mike Houser graciously donated many books to the Reno Chess Club. It is really an amazing collection and thank you for that! Philip Dennis had done the same 15 years ago and most have disappeared. Lets all get the instruction that we need by keeping the books in good condition and recirculating them. Dan Shapiro donated and built a bookshelf for the books and even created a library system for us to use. Thanks guys!
2016-08-04 Hot August Knights (Fire Cracker Continued)
Olson continued his rampage and shared first overall with Fischer! Fischer and Shapiro tied for second as a standalone tournament. See the results here>>.
2016-08-01 Club Championship - Kevin Gafni wins!
On July 21, Kevin Gafni won with black in game 4 of the Club Championship to clinch the 6-game match 3.5-0.5 against Fred Casten. Congratulations to Kevin Gafni, the new Club Champion! See the club championship bracket here>>

2016-07-17 David Sheryka Memorial
David Sheryka, a longtime member of Reno Chess Club, passed away on May 25th. David once sported an Expert rating and continued to play Class A chess for the past 20 years. In his honor, and with the generous sponsorship of David's relative, Jerry Weikel held a G/30 swiss tournament with six rounds over two club nights on July 7 and 14. Daniil Fedunov took a bye in round 1 and went on to win five games, finishing with 5.5/6 and $100. Fred Casten took second with 4.5 and $50. There was a 3-way tie for Class A Prize among Vernon Young, Kevin Chung, and George Fischer, each winning $15. James Mann won Class B and $40. Bob Bennett and David Toste split Class C with $20 each. Norm Wyatt won Class D and $40.
2016-07-01 Fire Cracker, Final Round 3
Paul Mortlock beat George Fischer to finish alone atop the 7-man field with a perfect 3.0/3. In just 3 games, Paul gained 84 rating points. Jeff Olson gained 48. See results here>>.
2016-06-10 May Day Swiss, Final Round 5
Grant Giovannetti beat closest rival Bob Turner to finish alone atop the field of 9 players with 4.0/5. See cross table here>>.
2016-05-20 Class Championship Matches
Class Champions included Chris Hebein for Class B, David Toste for Class C, and Andy Pease for Class D. Their names have been added to the champions page. See the class championship matches here>>.
2016-05-06 April Showers Swiss, Final Round 5
George Fischer won the April Showers Swiss with 4.0/5 atop the field of 14 players. See cross table here>>.
2016-03-30 Larry Evans Memorial Results!
About 172 players showed up for the 5th Annual Larry Evans Memorial. In the Open Section, there was a four-way tie among GMs Kudrin, Khachiyan, and Sevillano, and IM Bryant, all with 5.0/6. Khachiyan won the tiebreak rapid games. See Results>>.
2016-03-11 Class Championship Qualifier, Final Round 13
The club calendar>> has been updated to show details through September.
After 13 rounds, Jason Thoel with 10.5/12 edged David Toste who had 10.0/12. Thoel wins the U1800 Championship Title and advances as wildcard to the club championship bracket to challenge #8 Dan Shapiro. Since Thoel declined the Class C simul prize, it goes to David Toste. James Mann earned the Class B simul prize. Andy Pease, who won the Class D simul prize, may challenge Norm Wyatt for the Class D Championship. See class qualifier results here>>. The qualifier is now rated! David Toste jumped 156 rating points! Jason Thoel gained 83, and James Mann gained 74.
2016-03-11 Club Championship Qualifier, Final Round 11
After 11 rounds, Kevin Gafni finished with 9.0/10, clinching first seed. Rounding out the rest of the bracket are #2 Casten, #3 Weikel, #4 Chung, #5 Fischer, #6 Peterson, #7 Chinnici, and #8 Shapiro. Chung edged Fischer on the head-to-head tiebreak and gets the Class A simul prize. Chung and Fischer will contend for the Class A Championship. See club qualifier results here>>.
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