Have Fun, Will Travel !

Fair, Festival, School, Library, Market, Theater, Coffeehouse, Retirement Center, or House Concert

Programs are constantly in the works, with titles like...

Storytelling - Tales of Courage & Virtue, Mostly Ghostly-Scary Tales After Dark, and Tales of Wit & Wonder.

Retirement Center - Yarns of Yesteryear - Tomorrow Wasn't What it Used to Be (but then it never was), and Elder Tales, Elder Wisdom.

Puppets - Lion & Mouse, Monkey & Crocodile, Stone Soup, Fisherman and His Wife, Crab & Jaguar, Mrs Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile, Sodisaliraitis, and many others.

Community Dancing - Contra Dance Tonight. Circles, squares & contras. Easy exciting social activity, community and family FUN, with live music.

Singing & and Music - Farmers Feed Us All, The More We Get Together, I Like Me, Homemade Rhythm Instrument and Music Making. You pick the reason and the season, and we'll play and sing together.

Junk Band Muse - Drums and musical instruments made from upcycled junk (spoons, sticks, bottle caps, pots, pans, lids, washboards, etc.). Lets play!

....and many others.

Educational Programs - Presentations are available for students in pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school & college; teachers and other professionals; adults and elders. Titles include (and are not limited to): Forward and Back, Stand & Deliver, Tell Your Best Story, and All the World's a Tale.

Parties, Picnics, Conferences, and other Gatherings - Performances designed and delivered with your audience, class, or group in mind. All generations love live entertainment and stories told, sung, or acted by puppets are best.

Stories are in everything everywhere. Stories open the human mind to possibilities. Stories are at the core of educating, understanding, strengthening, and empowering people. My stories, puppet shows, contra dances, and music share the human experience heart-to-heart.

Think creatively and book these and

other exciting programs for your events.