These are contra dances I have written. In the event any of them were previously created by another choreographer, let me know, and I will remove them from the list. Otherwise feel free to teach and call the dances, and please give credit where it is due. Each dance tells a story, and I hope they are all fun to do. I have used my own dance note shorthand, and trust other dance callers' abilities to decipher my code. If there are questions, contact me for clarification. Thank you, and enjoy the dances.

Madtown Mayhem Becket Reid Miller 4/14

A1 – Ls RHBal + PullBy; N-S

A2 - Cir Bal + Ptnla; Cir Bal + Ptnla

B1 – Ls RHBal + PullBy P-S

B2 – Ring-B+Cir L1/2 LLF on L-Diag & Back

Moonlight Swing Improper RMiller 7/14 after PD+STepfer

A1 - B+Cir L ½Way; B+LH Star ½Way[XGrp]

A2 - P-DSD [Acrs]; N-DSD [Side]

B1- N-B+S

B2- P-B+S Note: Bs in A1 optional

Salt and Pepper Becket ReidMiller 03/17

A1: 1sArch (Over L Forward & G back); 2As Arch (Over L Forward & G back)

A2: Cir-L 3/4; N-S (on side)

B1: Ls-Alm L 1.5; P-DSD

B2: P-S; L diagonal-LLFB

Noah’s Arch Improper Reid Miller 12/13

A1: 1s Arch-Forward Over L+ Back Over G; Cir L

A2: 2s Arch-Forward Over L+ Back Over G; Star R

B1: Ls-Bal R+Crs; P-S

B2: Ls-Bal R+Crs; N-S (turn to new N in LOD)

Written for Noah, a friendly Madison, WI, contra dancer

Mendota Star Improper Reid Miller 02/14

A1 - N-Alm L 1.5; Ls Ch

A2 – Ls- Alm R 1x; P-S

B1 – Cir L ¾; N – S

B2 - LLFB; RH Star

It's Alright Tonight Improper Reid Miller 02/14

A1 – Up+DwnSet Ls Ch-1/2, Cir R 1x

A2 – P-B+S [on Gs side]

B1 – Ls Alm R 1.5, N-S

B2 – Hey [full, Ls start, pass R in Mdl]

Four String Fling Improper RMiller 3/14

A1 – Ls Ch Up & Down Set; Cir R 3/4

A2- Ls Alm R 1.5 (across set); N-S (end on G’s side)

B1- LLF+Ls go to Gs side; P– S

B2- L’s Ch 1/2; N-DSD (Fc new N)

Flower of Chicago Improper Reid Miller 02/14

A1 – Cir-B+Ptnla; Cir-B+Ptnla

A2 – Cir-B+Ptnla; P-S on Gs orig. side

B1 – LLF+Ls bring N to side, N-S

B2 – R+L thru+CT; Star LH

Dancing in the Shower Improper RMiller 08/13

A1 – P-B+PB [acrs]+TrnSgl; Cir L ¾

A2 – N-B+PB [acrs]+TrnSgl; P-S

B1 – Cir-B+Ptnla; N-S

B2 – Hey [full, LsPassR to Start]

Daley’s Double Improper ReidMiller 12/13

A1: Ls-Ch 1/2 (Up+DnSt); R+LThru wCT (Up+DnSt)

A2: Ls-Ch 1/2 (Up+DnSt); R+LThru wCT (Up+DnSt)

B1: Cir R ¾; P-S (on G’s side)

B2: W-Alm L 1+1/2; N-S

Chili n Cheese Improper Reid Miller 02/14

A1 – Cir L 1x; As – S in Mdl

A2- L4DH (As in Mdl); N – Sashay UH

B1 – Hey (full, pass N by R to start)

B2 – N – Gypsy; N - S

Chickpeas & Fish Improper Reid Miller 2016

A1: Ls-Ch ½ (Up+DnSet); Cir L-1/2

A2: P – Gypsy & Sw (on Ls side)

B1: LLFB; L’s Ch-1/2

B2: N-Sw (on Ls Side); Prmd Acrs (turn to new N)

Named for a delicious dish made by Madison, WI, contra dancer Carol Spiegel.

Align the Stars* Lns04 Fcng Lns04 RMiller 11/13

A1 - Lns04 F+B, Ls Grnd Ch w/CT [face acrs like reg cntra)

A2 - R+L thru w/CT (acrs cntra set), N-S (on side)

B1 - Hey (W start, full+end in Lns-0-4 fcng up+dwn hall)

B2 – M-LH Star ½ way, P-S (end w/Ln-0-4 fcng orig dir)

* = A work in progress. Let me know how it goes for your dancers.

Groups O 4 @ ends may improvise dance figs. 11-27-13

Cluck the Dragon LnsO4 Fcng LnsO4 (PsBesidePs) RMiller 02/14

A1 – End 4s Cir-B+Ptnla; Cir-B+Ptnla

A2 – All 8 Cir L ½; N [across] - DSD

B1 – Ls Star L ½ to Diag N; N-S (Gy+S if time)

B2 - Gs Star L ½ to P; P-S (Gy+S if time)

Roll Away Roger Improper RMiller 04/14

A1- N-Bal+Star Thru; R+L Thru Across + Courtesy Turn

A2 - Ls-RH Bal + PullBy; P-S

B1 - Ls-Alm R 1.5; N-S

B2 - Cir-Bal+GsRollAway; Cir-Bal+LsRollAway

Swing the Hall Improper RMiller 4/14

A - N-NearHND Bal+Ls RollAway; Ls-RH Bal+PullBy+Cross to P

A2 - P-B+S

B1 - Gs Lead Hey [pass Lft to start]; as Ls meet 2nd time, Ls ricochette R to N

B 2 - N-B+S

March to Monona Improper RMiller 5/14

A1 – Gs-AlmR 1.5; P-B+S

A2 – Ls-AlmR 1.5; N-B+S

B1 - L4DH; Back Up, Ctrs Arch, Ends Thru

B2 – Star LH; P-Bal+BxGnt

Kale in the Snow Improper – RMiller2014

A1: Cir L ¾; CA Twrl, As Arch, BackOver InAs

A2: Cir Bal, Gs DSD1.5; N-S

B1: Cir Bal+Ptnla; Cir Bal+Ptnla

B2: P-B+S