Contra dancing is relaxing, energizing, community social fun.

Figures are easy and exciting 
for all generations.
Everyone enjoys cooperating.

A smile and a smooth walking step are the only requirements.

To see and hear why people love contra dancing click:

My dances tell stories.  By mixing a pinch of whimsy and a dash of delight we serve up happiness for all generations.  Contra dancing is great for grown-ups, families, multi-generational groups, and middle school, high school and college students. 

Excellent places for contra dancing are schools, fairs, festivals, markets, boardrooms, churches, retirement centers, and community-wide multi-generational events and activities.

Seasonal and social occasions like harvest, solstice, graduation, anniversaries, reunions, parties, picnics, 
weddings, and other celebrations are naturals for contra dancing.  Whatever the demographic or occasion, the experiential learning that occurs is easy and priceless.  

Did I mention joy?  Some say contra dancing is joy in motion.  Enjoy!