The PTA tries to keep fundraising to a minimum during the year. Direct financial donations are always appreciated and help to support teacher grants, library purchases, Annual Event Night, teacher appreciation, the Eighth Grade Celebration and other events through the school year. Donations can be left for the PTA at the school office.

Below are some of the fundraising efforts we are currently involved in.  We appreciate your support, thank you.
Now you can support Reeves students and teachers when you shop at Amazon:

Earn for Us - Shop Amazon Now!


eScrip - the Group ID is 8566016
Information about the eScrip program:
If you shop at Safeway you need to renew your eScrip connection by November 1st to keep earning money for the PTA.
  • To sign up: Go to, click on "1-Sign-Up," enter your Club Card number
  • To renew: Go to, click on "Yes, Renew!", enter either your phone number, email or Club Card number
Effective November 1st: In order for your Safeway purchases to generate contributions for the group you must pay using one of these methods: debit card, check, cash, SmartCheck, Safeway gift card, WIC, Snap


Campbell's Soup Labels & Box Tops
The labels/box tops can be dropped in the office Campbell’s soup bin. 
We get around $100 a year from box tops and the labels count as points that allow us to buy items from a catalog. For example, we have used the points to order pens and mechanical pencils for student rewards during testing.

You can register at for online coupons and to support the school through online shopping and special contests to earn the school additional points.


Reeves Middle School Student Store
The Student Store has a variety of school supplies and snacks at affordable prices. We also sell a selection of RMS themed clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies) and bags.The document below, "Reeves Clothing," has pictures and prices of Reeves merchandise available from the store.

Jon Marke,
Sep 6, 2014, 3:44 PM