create media rich scrapbooks for the web that can be shared with others
create your own web page or blog with professional templates
provides a variety of creative tools for animation, drawing, and movie creation. Users can choose from a range of preset characters and environmental options, or they can create their own.
a text to speech or recorded speech generator to make a speaking avatar
an internet based voice communication tool; chat with other live or leave them a message; great for communication on telecollaborative class projects in different time zones
upload images or video, use voice or music from the Animoto website to make a music video presentation
an interactive poster with images, video, text
a web 2.0 tool that allows you to draw something and then watch the process of how it was drawn (teachers can use it to show a scientific process, to see student's thinking when solving a math problem or even to depict events in a story
create and share online slideshows and photo albums


Diipo     a collaborative blogging and networking platform that teachers can use to interact with other teachers and classes
Schoology  a web based learning management system built under and ino the social networking platform
StoryBird Collaborate with others to create a book using images from the site or create your own. Here are some examples of student work.

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