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Education at SMART Technologies- SMART Technologies Education Center Center School District SMARTboard Templates
SMART Exchange- a resource center and community network from SMART Technologies
Teachers Love SMARTboards Blog- subscribe to this awesome SMARTboard resource blog
SMARTboard Interactive Lessons ABC Teach Have Fun Teaching SMARTboard Lessons

Scholastic SMARTboard Lessons
SMARTboard Templates- Resources from Center School District in MO Longwood Central School District SMARTboard Lessons K-12
Internet4Classrooms SMARTboard Resources Eduscapes- SMARTboard Resources
Tequipment Educator Resource Center- SMARTboard Lessons SMARTboard Activities
BGFL Whiteboard Resources- Birmingham City Council site Teacher Tube- Tutorials on how to use your SMARTboard
EduScapes You Tube SMART Technologies- recently launched SMART Technologies Videos
HM Lesson Resources
Harcourt Site Index
HM Support Materials

HM Lesson Resources
HM Eduplace
HM Tech Resources