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Lesson Plans / Units

ESubjects This 9-12 grade site offers units in English, History, Math and Science.  Each unit contains 45 lesson plans, teacher pages, student pages, teaching strategies, and additional materials.
English Online This site from New Zealand has various units which are organized by age group and by various language skills.
TeachAde A website designed to save busy teachers time by providing quick access to classroom resources customized to specific teaching interests; this site allows you to network with other educators
TeachersFirst Contains collections of original content, Internet resources, lesson plans, and tools drawn from around the world. Each resource is selected and reviewed by one of TeachersFirst’s reviewers, all of whom have classroom teaching experience.
Technology integrated lessons and activities; contains how-to's for various technology projects
FREE-Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Teaching and learning resources from federal agencies
Thirteen Ed Online Lessons Responding to the national need for sustained teacher training, Thirteen/WNET New York, PBS's flagship station, developed Thirteen Ed Online. This free service features everything from standards-based lesson plans and classroom activities to a multimedia primer, online mentors, and reviews of curriculum-based Web sites.
Verizon Thinkfinity Developed by world-renowned organizations who are experts in their fields, the standards-based resources include lessons plans, student materials, reviewed Web resources and interactives.
New MarcoPolo Lessons For the most recent additions to the lesson plan index, visit every Friday.
Learning to Give Learning to Give’s K-12 lesson plans contain both academic content about philanthropy and skill development activities that engage students in giving and serving in their classrooms, schools and communities.
Dole 5 A Day: Educators Visit the Virtual Classroom for interactive learning activities that reinforce reading and writing skills while teaching the importance of healthful eating and regular physical activity.
Nortel LearniT Nortel LearniT is an initiative of Nortel Community Relations to prepare teachers, students, and learners of all ages to develop 21st century skills that will provide a basis for their ongoing engagement in learning and personal achievement.
PBS Teachers
Multimedia resources and professional development for PreK- 12 educators
Web Manners and Copyright Awareness  
Media Literacy  

Online Test Prep - Resources from Various States

Connecticut Mastery Test Released Items CMT 4 Language Arts
Language Arts Part 3 DRP
Language Arts Part 4 Editing and Revising
Language Arts Part 5 Direct Assessment of Writing
CMT 4th Generation (Rulers to use to prepare for CMT's)
Grade 3 Math
Grade 4 Math
Grade 5 Math
CMT Science Handbook

CT Curriculum Content Areas

NAEP- The Nation's Report Card View subject area sample questions from the US Department of Education

Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program Item Samplers: Grades 3–8


 Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment from 2006


Washington Assessment of Student Learning: Grades 4–10


Texas Education Agency Student Assessment Division: Grades K–11

California Standards Tests Released Questions: Grades 2-11 To boost reading skills, this site also provides a searchable K-12 book list
Studyzone: Test Prep: Grades PreK-12
Prepare for New York state tests and the Regents Exam with lessons, teacher resources, tutorials, and practice activities
Pennsylvania System of School Assessment Practice Tests: Grades 3-11 Writing prompts, math, reading, and assessment resources
Subject Area Interactive Lessons: K-12 Resources that address specific objectives
ReviseWise: Grades K-6 From the BBC in the UK, this tools offers support as students prepare for tests in core subjects
Mathematics TestQuest and Test Prep- Grades 1-6 Lessons, Shockwave tutorials, and brainteasers from EduPlace
Math Slice Mock Tests- Grades 3-5 Study number concepts, measurement, statistics, geometry, fractions, and time concepts
Virginia State Standards of Learning: Grades 3,5,8
Students complete interactive quizzes as they practice answering science, math and technology questions.
Quiz School Create free tests for students, now integrated with Google Maps and Flickr
Test Maker Create free tests for your students to take online (results are emailed to you)


Rubric Bank
Has a variety of math rubrics in PDF form that can be easily printed
Rubistar is a site that contains a variety of rubrics for any subject.  The math section, particularly the problem solving rubric, allows you to select what you are trying to target.  You can save your rubric and refer back to it.
PBL Rubric
A rubric which allows you to assess your Project Based Learning activity.  Contains a task statement rubric and a general rubric.


Grade level worksheets on various subjects
Kid Zone Math Worksheets
Various worksheets in math for grades K-5
TLS Books Worksheets Free printable worksheets for grades K-5
School Express Worksheets, thematic units, design your own awards and puzzles, and much more
I Play Math Games worksheets in PDF format on various math games from grades K-12
Rebus Worksheets rebus stories plus other worksheets of various subject areas
Math Facts Worksheet Generator
Create your own worksheets on basic math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

 Photos/Sounds for Educational Use (Check the site for use)

Free Native American Clipart
Native American Clip Art
Smithsonian Images
For use in education only
Copyright Free Photos  
Educational Clip Art  
Discovery Clip Art  
Various Resources of Educational Photos  
Microscopy Images  
Landmarks Permission Request Template
A student permission request template to website authors for the use of their materials in student projects
Freebyte's Guide to Free Graphics Software  
Pic Resize


Free online picture editor
Royalty Free Music Must fill out an application before getting this for free
Partners in Rhyme royalty free sounds effects
Music and Images this is a list created by another person; please check with each site for copyright use
Public Domain Resources  

Virtual Field Trips

EField Trips eFieldTrips consist of four major components:
Trip Journal
First, the teacher downloads and gives students copy of a printed Trip Journal. It is a simple one page fill-in the blank type worksheet that helps to keep the students focused and provides a way for the teacher to grade student participation if he desires. The students fill-out the Trip Journal while they are completing the next component, the Virtual Visit.
Virtual Visit
The Virtual Visit is an interactive Flash movie that teaches the students about the eFieldTrip topic. It can be completed at anytime and at the student's own pace. It typically takes about 15 minutes for a student to go through the Virtual Visit.
Ask the Experts
After completing the Virtual Visit, students have an opportunity to interact with the experts. Students can ask questions via an "Ask the Experts" web form, and recieve an answer in 1-2 days.
Live Chat
Another way students can interact with experts is by participating in a live web chat at a scheduled time.
Ball State Electronic Field Trips Participate in live electronic field trips with your class, sponsored and paid for by the Best Buy Children's Foundation.  Some of the field trips this year include the National Park Foundation, Aquatic Adventures, and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips  
Virtual Field Trips
Farifax Network Schedule of programs for grades 1-12
White House Virtual Tours
Do you want to wander around the Oval Office or the Vice President's residence?  You can with the video tours and panoramic tours at this site.  There are quizzes, games, and more.
Smithsonian National Museum of American History: Virtual Exhibitions
This site contains virtual exhibits at the Smithsonian covering voting, inventions, the Star Spangled Banner, the American Presidency, and much more.
National Gallery of Art
The National Gallery of Art of works from well known artists.  The National Portrait Gallery contains many portraits of famous faces.
Virtual Tour-South Pole
Students will see the research facilities, the landscape, and the living quarters of a person who called the South Pole home.  To check out the North Pole, head to the Arctic Theme Page and be sure to check out the web cam. 
Jelly Belly Online Tour
Visit the Jelly Belly online tour to learn how jelly beans are made.
Think Port: Online Field Trips Online Field Trips such as: Knowing Poe; Pathways to Freedom, Maryland and the Underground Railroad; Villainy, Inc; Chesapeake Bay; Sense and Dollars; Picasso
Smithsonian National Zoo
Animals Etc. contains animal facts, photos, and live web cams showing the giant panda, tiger and cub, flamingo, gorilla, octopus, elephant, and other creatures,  Other animal web cams are found at: Africam and the Discovery Channel.
Thomas Jefferson
This site contains a room by room tour of Thomas Jefferson's home.
Fish Eye View Cam
Marine biologists use this underwater camera to study the corals, invertebrates, and tropical fish near Coral Gables, Florida.  You'll find streaming video, photos, and more.

Internet Tools / Web 2.0 Tools

Education World: Tools and Templates
Search from a variety of templates such as awards certificates, calendars, classroom orgainzers, back to school, election information, posters, fliers, language arts, and graphic organizers.  All templates are Word documents and can be downloaded from the site, saved onto your hard drive, and can be edited as necessary.
School Rack free online tool that lets K-12 teachers establish classroom portals for parents and students with features such as discussion boards, online assignment collection and internal messaging
Research Project Calculator guide for students for research projects, estimates the dates by which each step of the process should be completed and provides a script for the information seeking process
Everything DI  resources to help you differentiate instruction using technology
Annenberg Learner Interactives "Interactives" provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas (grades 6-12)
Open Vault a new web site launched by Boston-based public television station WGBH. The site features video clips and interviews from WGBH programming created between 1968 and 1993, including clips of Muhammad Ali discussing his refusal to fight in Vietnam, African American students arriving at school during Boston's court-ordered desegregation, and Robert McNamara reading from a letter sent by Nikita Khrushchev to President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Open Vault includes more than 500 streaming video clips and more than 1,000 interview transcripts in all. Users can search by keyword or browse by topic (arts, business, education, humanities, Massachusetts, science and technology, and social science) and can view data alphabetically by person and by series. In addition, resource management tools allow educators to annotate and tag records, create topical lists, and send information to students for further study or classroom discussion.
Pete's PowerPoint Station over 1200 PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics for classroom use.  Get some great ideas for ways to incorporate them into SMART Notebook or Mimio Notebook.
PowerPoint Games PowerPoint templates for games to use in your classroom such as Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Weakest Link
Thumbstacks A new site for making and sharing presentations on the web (made in your web browser and shared with anyone by sending them a link)
Career Exploration- Drive of Your Life Geared for middle school students, this career exploration game helps students learn about themselves, higher education and careers. The support materials for educators are contained at https://www.driveofyourlife.org/educator/
Groundhog Day The official site of the Groundhog Club in Punxsutawney, PA.
Big Deal Book of Technology Source for grants, web resources, and free materials
Educational Software Preview Guide Preview educational software before purchasing
How to Do Research  
WEB 2.0 WEB 2.0
VozMe Enter text in English, Spanish or Italian and it will be converted into a MP3
Poll Junkie  a quick way to create a poll that you can embed into a wiki or website; no registration is required; answers can be sent to you email
Ning Create your own educational social network
Kerpoof You can make books, pictures or stories on this free site. Choose a background and add clip art to it or create a custom design of your own.
Teacher Events Educator social networking site
Gliffy, Bubbl.us, Mindmeister, Mindomo free web- based diagram editors; create and share flowcharts and diagrams
Media Fire free file hosting, unlimited disc space; share files and images with others; up to 100MB per file
Zamzar free online file conversion; convert files to many different formats;
Box.net is an online file storage and file sharing site that allows users to upload and share documents
Read the Words  upload text to be read or type it in, choose one of fifteen readers, and listen to the reading online, download to your ipod or save to your computer, or turn your reading into a podcast
Gaggle: Safe E-Mail for Students
This site contains free teacher controlled email accounts for students.
Collaborative Writing Tools Google Docs
Zoho Writer
ThinkFree Online
  Google Docs Zoho Writer WriteBoard ThinkFree
File Types Support Text Text, Images Text Text, Images
Software/Web-Based Web-Based Web-Based Web-Based Web-Based (Java)
Public/Private Public/Private Public/Private Private Public/Private
Text Chat Unknown Unknown No Unknown
Revisions Unknown Unknown No Yes
RSS Yes Yes No Unknown
Email Updates Yes Yes No Unknown
Real Time No No No No
Comments Yes Yes No Yes
Spell Check No Yes No Yes
Export/File Formats DOC and XLS DOC, PDF, HTML
and RTF
Price Free Free Free Free

From Techlearning


Bookr a tool to create illustrated books from Flickr photos; slides can be published and sent to an email which contains a link to the slideshow to then be posted to a blog or wiki

Children's Book Authors

Children's Book Authors and Illustrators on the Web Kids Read
IPL Kidzone Reading Area Meet Authors and Illustators
Reading Planet- Reading is Fundamental The Children's Book Council
Carol Hurst's Children Literature Site Children's Books Online
Teaching Books- Sharing the Spirit of Books and Reading  

Global Projects


Google Maps combined with a Wiki System that lets visitors post information about any area of the globe.

Online Projects For Teachers

EPals Classroom Exchange

Monster Exchange Project

Technospud Projects- Are you interested in doing some collaborative class projects?  This site contains various online projects for various grade levels to do with your students.  All projects require registration to participate and provide you with a project timeline and materials needed to do the project. All classes receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the project

National Math Trail- The National Math Trail is an opportunity for K-12 teachers and students to discover and share the math that exists in their own environments. Students explore their communities and create one or more math problems that relate to what they find. Teachers submit the problems to the National Math Trail site, along with photos, drawings, sound recordings, videos--whatever can be adapted to the Internet. All submissions will be posted to the site as they are submitted. They are also be indexed according to grade level and math topic and will remain on the site for access by educators, students and parents. Muse- is a social utility that connects you with Internet2-enabled technologies and educators in your region and around the globe

Classroom 2.0- a social network of educators using web 2.0 in education

Taking It Global- an online community that connects youth to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and take action in their local and global communities


Science/Math Podcasts for Students

Edmodo- private microblogging tool for the classroom

Free Technology For Teachers Blog


NECC 2007 Podcasts

Ed Tech Talk

Ed Tech Podcast

Terry Freedman's Educational Technology Podcast

The Fischbowl Blog

The Thinking Stick Blog

Open Educational Resources

BioQuest Curriculum Consortium

Creative Commons

Free Reading

Math Open Reference

Open Educational Resources Commons