Unity Pond at: 111 Park Ridge, Rochester, NY
For the 2018 season we intend to sail on this pond.
We have left Carey Lake and Lake Riley because they are too weedy.

Unity Pond - Sailboat racing

Map of parking and pond access

Lake Riley in Cobb's Hill Park

We raced on Lake Riley for two years - 2012 and 2013. The pond was weedless for two seasons.

The public uses this park extensively which increased our exposure to interested people.

But, alas, in June of 2014 the weeds started to appear and we had to abandon Lake Riley.

The weeds still persist into 2017.

We are back to Unity Hospital for 2017.

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NY Dept. Environmental Conservation

Reports that Lake Riley stats. Are:
Max. Depth is 7 feet
Avg. depth is 3 feet
Acreage is 7
Shoreline is 0.3 miles.
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