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1.  About RAMYA
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RAMYA was formed  in 1994.  We currently sail and race boats in two classes: the Soling One Meter class (39” in length), the Victoria class (30” in length). We are starting a third class. The Dragon Force 65. It is an entry level boat.  The primary location for our sailing is Park Ridge Pond near Unity Hospital. Please see the link PONDS  at left.  And for dates, times, and places, please select the link on the left panel called CALENDAR.  RAMYA is associated with the American Model Yachting Association (RAMYA is AMYA club #193).

The goals of RAMYA are to:
  1. Develop, encourage, and stimulate interest in radio-controlled model sailboats in the Rochester, NY, area.
  2. Promote fellowship and camaraderie among local and visiting sailors and boaters.
  3. Participate and encourage competitive sailing events with other members in a spirit of fairness and cooperation.
  4. Provide opportunities for official and unofficial racing.
  5. Offer sailing education and training to members and others at sanctioned events.
  6. Aid members in the building and repair of models.

RAMYA sponsors weekly racing on area ponds, often followed by dining at area restaurants.  There are General Membership Meetings each year.  Members enjoy learning from each other about building the models, using them on the water, and increasing their skills -- as well as participating in sailing, boating, and racing events.

June through August, formal racing occurs for each fleet one day a week, and recreational sailing may occur on other days. Activities usually occur between 3 and 6 pm on the designated day.  Each race, typically, runs about 10 minutes.   Depending on the wind conditions, between five and twelve races are run per afternoon. At the end of the racing season, awards are handed out based on the results. In addition, recreational sailing and racing may take place in April, May, September, October and November, weather permitting.

Members range in ability level. Some are from a sailing background, some have experience in other radio-controlled hobbies, and some are just interested in learning about and participating in the sport, having no prior experience.   Some members build their own boats, often with help from club members, while others purchase them used or from a distributor.

Club dues are $30 a year. RAMYA encourages all persons, regardless of age, gender, race, disability, of religious affiliation to participate as members. Membership can be initiated by submitting a form, found elsewhere on this site.

If you are interested in learning more about RAMYA,
The Soling 1 Meter class captian
 Bob Rotolo or
the webmaster
through this website.

If you would like, stop by the pond, introduce yourself, and one of the members will gladly introduce you to the wonderful world of R/C sailing.