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Bob Rotolo has designed a mast jack for his Victoria.
He has been told that the instructions for building it will be published in the MODEL YACHTING magazine.
But for now here is a peek at the details for your perusal and use.

See what Bob Rotolo was doing last Winter.



RAMYA Team Competes With Canandaigua's RC Laser Club, July 2, 2011

By Robert Rotolo, July 3, 2011.

Subject: Team Yost at the Canandaigua First 8 leg race

The Team: Yost,  Art, Jay & Bob comes in 2nd overall  (Check out  for pictures and results.)

We were invited to participate (endure actually) in this race with the Canandaigua RC Laser Fleet on Sat. July 2.  The host club was very friendly and had plenty of of great snacks to munch on.  They encouraged our team to consume mass quantities of adult beverages prior to the race,  (Hmmm, wonder why).  The race course was off the Yacht club pier, however the wind was less than 1 mph.   At the same time, the wave chop from boats was amazing.  One foot waves were the norm with an occasional Tsunami of two feet.

So we knew it was going to be a slow race!  The course was a simple one leg, out and back

There were five teams, consisting of 4  crew members each.  Each member would hand the controller off to the next person after rounding the mark.   The first race was pathetic, as captain Yost took 10 minutes to cross the start line and complete a 35-minute first leg.  Can you imagine Yost in a situation like that?  The wicker hat he was wearing was wilting from the sun and the steam was coming off his head.  We had to hose him down afterward.  We came in 4th, fortunately this was the throw-out race.  We then each tried our hand at the next leg.  The waves would push the boats more than the wind.

The other teams weren't fairing much better.  Coaching was allowed and used by each team to help those who didn't know bow from stern.

We regrouped, managing two firsts and a second for the rest of the races and were awarded a bottle of chilled champagne.  It was a nice time.


Report on 07/02/2011 Canandaigua Laser 4-Legged Race -- From Jay

By Jay Niggli 

Hi all,
     I didn't know until the night before that this was a once a year event that the Canandaigua Yacht Club hosted.
      The wind was 0-4 mph. There was a chop from the traffic on the lake that just flapped the sails most the time. Sometimes it was better to jibe instead of tacking to go upwind. Downwind was easier ... just point the boat towards the mark and wait. With four races and four skippers on a team, we all had a chance to sail each leg. There were 20 skippers and coaching was allowed. Even the spectators were shouting out funny commands and digs. There were no protests that I know of.  I think because our boats were spread out and mostly "obstructions." Good sportsmanship and Corinthian spirit were prominent.
     The R/C Laser
is a one design class in the truest sense. It's a break for builders that tinker and modify their boats and it's excellent dockside fun for the CYC.  With boats equal, it's all about sailing skills and the luck of the wind.