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Rochester Area Model Yachting Association.

Welcome to the website of the Rochester Area Model Yachting Association (RAMYA), which is Club #193 of the American Model Yachting Association.  RAMYA serves the region around Rochester, New York. In these pages, you will find information about sailing and racing radio-controlled model sailboats at local-area ponds. 

Our members have varying levels of experience and expertise. All of us enjoy the outdoors, the fun of watching the wind push the boats, and participating with others in the sport we love.  We invite interested parties to join us for an afternoon's sailing experience, or to join us as a member to become involved in this exciting sport.  For more information about the club, click on "About Us" in the left-side navigation panel.  You may also search for information in the other web pages, and read more about radio-controlled sailing.  (Please see a more complete description of the pages below.)  We look forward to meeting you.

Our new class of racing boat will be introduced soon.
It is a smaller and less expensive boat than our other classes
and will be the boat recommended for those who wish to enter
this hobby and have little experience building and racing.

Click on the photo for information about how to get involved this boat as our club efforts unfold.


To Enter Beth or Jay's

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              Contents of the RAMYA Website

The main pages of the web site are listed in the left-side navigation panel.  Below you will find a description of the main web pages:

R.A.M.Y.A. -- this HOME page.

About Us -- Overview of RAMYA's mission; link to the By-Laws.

Become A Member:  Membership application form.

Blogs & News:  Newsletters and announcements about what is going on and what has been going on.

Boats:  This link leads to LOTS of interesting information that might be useful for deciding what boat you want to race, how to buy it, how to care for it, and much more.

Calendar:  Listing of known sailing events, and club meetings.

Contact:  We invite you to get in touch with us.

More Links:  Links to resources for sailing and racing.
Includes local wind and weather and links to other clubs in the region.

Photos:  Photos of past events and sailing occasions submitted by members.
Ponds:  Maps and directions to the ponds on which we sail.

Rules:  Strategy and tactics of racing and the rules of racing.

Scores: Look at this page to see links to the available race scores for each fleet.

Club Officers:

Soling Fleet Captain: Bob Rotolo
Treasurer: Richard Phelps;  
Harbor Master: Bob Rotolo;
Web Master
: Walt  Bankes;