Oil Painting Beginner's Guide

Introduction to Oil Painting
Welcome to my site dedicated to the practices and the materials of oil painting. within these pages, you will find lots of advice on using oils and also about the materials required. Much more can be found from clicking on any of the links on the navibar on the left; scroll down to see a wealth of articles. Copyright has been asserted.

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Many of the demonstrations within this site and my other sites are featured within my 2 art instruction books, Oil Paintings from Your Garden (left)which can be purchased through Ebay or through Amazon, and Oil Paintings from the Landscape published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Limited.

I graduated from Kingston University, Surrey with an Hons Degree in Fine Art. I have also gained a teaching certificate from Warwick University. I have taught painting, drawing and design at my local college. 
I have won various art competitions, notably, the Daler Rowney Frontpage Competition, the Society of All Artists and shortlisted for the Not the Turner Prize sponsored by the Daily Mail.
I took part in CowParade London and Manchester with my designs "Flying Moochine" and "Seacow". These life-size cow replicas were sold off for charity. I have also written numerous articles on oil painting.
Everything You Need to Know About Oil Painting
Many different aspects of oil painting are covered within this site, from oil painting on a budget to painting plein air. Tips and tricks are given on different techniques such as applying glazes, impasto and alla prima, as well as lesser-known techniques such as "scumbling."
On various pages, you will find relevant links to various articles that I have written and also other useful links.

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