Essential Photography Tips

Welcome to Photomedic, a site that informs on the essentials of photography including tips on getting that perfect shot (scroll down to see navibar on the left to find comprehensive advice on photography or view my camera shop). I learned all about photography during the days of the manual SLR (single lens reflex) camera. My Praktica MTL50 turned out to be hardy, robust and reliable.

Revolution of the Digital Camera

But now, the days of the beloved manual SLR are mostly gone, and in a way, I miss it, despite its clunky system. I had absolute control over technical aspects of photography, such as shutter speeds, apertures and depth of field. I miss the SLR’s associated paraphernalia such as lens filters, light meters, printing paper, lens types and even the dark room. But this journey informed me on the essentials of photography, which may not have been possible had I exclusively used the digital camera. This is because the digital system ‘thinks’ for you.

Advantages of the Digital Camera

Still, the revolution of the digital camera has great advantages over the manual camera. No more negatives; no more disappointments when photos don’t turn out and the costs of unnecessary printing. But really, the expectation of photography remains the same for both manual SLR and the digital camera. The shot still has to be crisply sharp, good lightning, balanced composition, capture mood, atmosphere and the moment. The photograph still has the same criteria in that it should offer something, whether interesting or give visual information. This is where this photomedic site comes in.

Tips on Improving on Photography

Find tips and techniques on photography covering visual awareness (for part of photography is the moment before the shot). Also explore ways of avoiding beginner’s mistakes, such as including unwanted background elements, fogging out, unwanted colour casts and ‘chopped off’ syndrome.


Basics of Photography

Learn about composing a picture, focal fields, the golden section, tonal keys, colour contrast, complimentary colours, colour theory, focal points, visual channels, negative space, reflected light, sky photography, portrait photography, animal photography, landscape photography, still life, black and white photography, using image software, manipulating lighting, making the most of backgrounds, taking pictures in poor light, using photography to create art, using photographs as visual resources and understanding how the digital camera works.

Introduction to Photography

Most of the articles shall explore a particular problem associated with photography and suggest ways of putting it right. Find further suggestions on how to improve that shot and also of trying out un-thought of techniques to create unexpected surprises or happy accidents to be used in the future. This site is at present still under development but do keep checking as more articles are added.

Making a Start on Photography

Whether you are a leisure photographer, artist, teacher or commissioned to take shots for a special occasion (wedding, christening or a portrait) find ways of creating great photos every time. As can be seen, photography is more than just pressing that shutter release button. Good luck!
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