Oil Painting Demonstrations
Welcome to this site dedicated to step by step demonstrations on oil painting. Lots can be found here. Landscape painting, still life tutorials and portraiture are covered, featuring techniques from glazing techniques to alla prima. Scroll down to the menu on the lower left to find articles on this site or view my external websites. Links can be found on the upper left.
Important note: The demonstrations on this site have been formatted for Kindle under Landscape Painting in Oils 20 Step by Step Guides and the Artist’s Garden in Oils 18 Step by Step Guides. Extracts from some of my other books have also been used. Copyright has been asserted.
To be fair to customers purchasing my books, the demonstrations on this site not as comprehensively explained as they are within these books. Some of the step by step images have also been omitted. However, artistic inspiration can still be gleaned from the demonstrations on this site.
Overview of my websites

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Elements of Each Demo
Each demonstration consists of:
  • An introductory paragraph detailing the oil painting subject matter
  • Oil Painting tips on tackling any issues regarding the subject matter
  • Art materials required giving a list of items used for the completion of each demonstration
  • Step by step oil painting demonstration outlining how the painting was completed with colour photos
  • And occasional troubleshooting for overcoming problems that might be encountered
Copyright material Rachel Shirley 2010
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