Landscape Painting in Oils: 20 Step by Step Guides

The landscape demonstrations within this site have been formatted into a Kindle book which is also available as handy-sized guidebook. To be fair to customers purchasing this book, instructions on how to do the demonstrations on this site are incomplete; most of the step by step images have also been omitted. However, information found on this site may still provide inspiration for oil painting. Details on this book are as follows:

Ideal Guide for Landscape Artists

My book, Landscape Painting in Oils, Twenty Step by Step Guides sets out a diversity of subject matter within landscape painting, such as a coast, a stone circle, a castle, a cornfield and a river (as can be seen on this site), as well as more exotic subject matter such as Toronto, a desert, Kilimanjaro and lightning.
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The demonstrations have been taken from my comprehensive guide to landscape painting, Oil Paintings from the Landscape – a Guide for Beginners (published by GMC Publications 2003). The demonstrations within this book have been formatted for Kindle and condensed into a compact-sized workbook that sets out all the demonstrations in an easy-to-read format.

A How-to Guide on Landscape Painting

My book opens with the question, how do I complete my first oil painting step by step? Well, there are twenty achievable oil painting demonstrations graded by challenge from 1 to 4. Each demonstration comprise between 6 and 10 step by step images, with indepth instructions on how each painting was completed. Tips are provided along the way.


Guide Book for Oil Painting Landscapes

A dedicated chapter on oil painting materials clearly sets out what is required to complete the demonstrations within. As can be seen, oil painting need not cost a lot. In fact, just 10 oil colours, 6 brush types, a few artboards and some household materials are all that has been used. Oil painting techniques are also explored when the opportunity arises, including glazing, impasto, wet-into-wet and sgraffito.

A Book on Landscape Painting

A guide on underpainting will help the artist set the mood for the painting. Underpainting (or imprimatura) is a coloured ground on which to apply the oil paint. Although mostly concealed, the underpainting can be used to provide contrast or harmony to the overlying paint.

Oil Painting Demonstration Book

Each demonstration comprises the following elements:

The finished painting setting out a challenge.
A list of art materials required for the demonstration.
On average around 8 step by step images of the painting in progress.
In depth instructions that correspond with each image in progress.
The final touch.
Oil painting tips.

As well as the preliminary section covering the art materials needed for the paintings, an advisory chapter addressing common problems with oil painting can be found at the back of this book.

Book’s statistics: 19,000 words and 23 step by step demonstrations (each demonstration comprises on average 8 images) with 187 images in total throughout. Print book’s dimensions 8.5x5.5in with 116 pages.

You might also be interested in The Artist Garden in Oils that similarly sets out 18 oil painting demonstrations of subject matter in the garden. See Youtube clip below to preview.

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