Advice on Buying Pochade Boxes

A plein air pochade box is a must for the plein air artist on the move. Different types of pochade boxes exist, from the deluxe variety to cheap pochade boxes which serve just as well. Making your own pochade box will save lots of money. But for the plein air artist who wishes to splash out, which pochade box is best?


Pochade Box Review


The artist’s pochade box is a handy gadget for mobile or plein air painting. The pochade box must not be confused with artist painting boxes that simply store art materials. A pochade box is different in that it possesses a slotted compartment where wet paintings can be stored inside without getting spoiled during transit.


A drawer with further compartments enables the storage of the art materials. The box opens out via an angled lid rather like a laptop, where the painting is attached and executed.


The Best Pochade Box


The ideal pochade box must be able to house a painting no smaller than 7x5 inches. Several standard-sized paint tubes must fit comfortably inside, as well as the paintbrushes and other essential art materials. Some pochade boxes come with a carry case, clips and even an attachable tripod mount. A small pochade box has surprising capacity, and will, with care, store everything the artist needs and still fit comfortably inside an average rucksack. It must also be lightweight and sturdy.





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Cheap Pochade Boxes

Some pochade boxes are quite expensive, but cut-price pochade boxes are available in the form of ProArt’s Wood Pochade Sketch Box, and serve just as well. Other pochade boxes have additional features such as detachable compartments and a swivelling palette. The Academy Sparta Wood Sketch Pochade Box is one such example.


Cigar Box Pochade Box


The habitual plein air artist may be happy to pay for extra features such as a tripod mount and capacity for two wet paintings. The Cigar Box Plein Air Pochade Box is extra light weighing only 3.5lbs, and could be worth the investment.


Buying a Pochade Box for Plein Air Painting


Pochade boxes are ideal for the mobile artist, whether for plein air painting, or for travelling to art classes. It consists of storage compartments and an angled lid where the painting surface is mounted and completed. Some can be quite costly, but making a pochade box is quite simple. However, there are some bargain pochade boxes available, which will serve the artist as well as the deluxe variety, although the extra features of some might be worth investing in. The pochade box must be lightweight, sturdy and have sufficient storage for all the essential art materials, as well as a painting at least 7 x 5inches.



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