Welcome to the Statistical and Genomic Epidemiology Laboratory (SGEL)

What we do

The Statistical and Genomic Epidemiology Laboratory (SGEL) studies the role of genetics in the development and mechanism of human traits, with particular emphasis on migraine, and the specific goal of identifying genetic risk factors and detecting common genetic links with other disorders, including depression and endometriosis.

The identification of such causal genetic factors and how they interact with environment exposures will provide a deeper understanding of the aetiology of migraine and our ability to prevent and treat attacks, and facilitate the discovery of novel pathways and thus identify new targets for drug therapy.

SGEL also develops novel statistical and bioinformatics programs used by researchers worldwide.

Primary conditions researched

  • Migraine

  • Endometriosis

  • Depression

Current research

  • Molecular genetic studies of

    • migraine

    • endometriosis

    • depression

    • epilepsy

    • fatigue

  • Investigating links between diseases comorbid with migraine, in particular,

    • endometriosis,

    • depression, but also

    • anxiety, cardio vascular disease, epilepsy, and stroke

  • Investigating the molecular genetics of male pattern-baldness

    • and links with prostate cancer

  • Improving existing and developing new statistical and bioinformatics approaches