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Quentin Bletery
      Postdoctoral fellow
      University of Oregon

contact: qbletery@uoregon.edu

I am a postdoctoral fellow, at the University of Oregon, working on understanding the behavior of large faults during the different phases of the seismic cycle. My research interests include imaging the rupture of large earthquakes, studying slow slip phenomena along large faults and relating earthquake ruptures to fault properties. 

Latest News:

- January 2018 -

Our group is monitoring the Rattlesnake Ridge, which is expected to collapse into a major landslide southeast of Yakima (Washington). The slide has started in December and has already created 250-feet deep cracks. It could release 3 million cubic meters of rocky materials. 
More information on Around the O and the Seattle Times.

Our publication on using low-frequency earthquake families on the San Andreas Fault as deep creepmeters was published in Journal of Geophysical Research
See the publication on the JGR webpage.

- December 2017 -

My research at AGU 2017 in New Orleans:

Using low-frequency earthquake families on the San Andreas fault as deep creepmeters. 
Thomas A. M., N. M. Beeler, Q. Bletery , R. Burgmann and D. R Shelly.

Stress orientations in the Nankai trough region of Japan. 
Newton T., A. M. Thomas and Q. Bletery.

Tidal sensitivity of declustered low frequency earthquake families and inferred creep episodes on the San Andreas fault. 
Babb A., A. M. Thomas and Q. Bletery.

Hunting for shallow slow-slip events at Cascadia. 
Bletery, Q. , W. Fan, H. A. Janiszewski, E. Lynch, K. A. McCormack, N. J. Phillips, B. Rousset, C. Seyler, Y. J. Tan*, M. E French, J. B. Gaherty and C. Regalla. (*presenting author)

- November 2018 -

Our paper on imaging shear strength along subduction faults was published in Geophysical Research Letters
See the publication on the GRL webpage.