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'Love is a thing as any spirit free, Woman by nature, long for liberty.

And not to be constrained or made a thrall,and so do men,

if i may speak for all, So have forbearance on the ramp'

Chaucer revised edition 2011.

Thus take accord, to Pytchwood.

Dave has been a member of FolkMob a local music club

Since it began over 20 years ago.

He plays guitar; spoons; attempts bodhran and does a bit of singing.

He has played at various folk clubs in the UK.

Zahira is a singer songwriter and plays guitar and various

percussive instruments. She is an extemely talented


On the 11th January 2012 Pytchwood

appeared on the Vivienne Lee show.

Here is the link to the Meridian radio broadcast.

We appeared on Meridian radio again in 2013

here is that broadcast.