Photos of Pytchwood

Below photos by Nicola at the RA Farmers Market; Bill of Fiddlefit at the Rochester Sweeps Festivals; Petia Paul Polydorouroove at the Grass Festival Lee Valley. Gaynor of Eltham Arts at the Eltham Summer Festival and Normans Music 100th year celebrations. To those who took the others. Photos of Zahira by Dave.

Around the 'Music Tree' at Severndroog Castle

Above: Steampunk Extraordinaire at The Museum Of Power Morden

Above Rochester Sweeps Festival 4th May 2015 photo by Markus Michelucci.

Above Plumstead Make Merry Festival 6th June 2015 photo by Gus Glen.

The above photo by Jeanette Mackllin. Taken at Chatham Steam Festival. Steampunk Tent. 5th and 6th April 2015.

Thanks to James Obi Ron Medhurst for the two photos above.

Taken at Chatham Steam Festival. Steampunk Tent. 5th and 6th April 2015.

Photo at Rochester by Bill Gooch.

Above photo at Blackheath Spotlight on 25th April 2015. Photo by Mick Woods. Alan Savage on DJembi.

Above at Severndroog Castle Museums at Night event. 13th May 2016. Photo by Susan Turner of the Gillies.

Above at the Chatham Dockyard Steam and Transport weekend. March 2016. The Great Kentspectations Steampunk Village. Our helmets are the same as those made up by Zahira for the War of the Worlds production at the Dominion Theatre. Brave New World scene. Thanks to Donald Manning for the photo.

Above photo Sheila Cousins

Below: Zahira at the preview of 'War of the Worlds' 2016. Her leather outfits can be seen in the Brave New World scene.

Above photo Markus Michelucci of Sound Refuge.