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Resourcing Books

This includes the "what" and the "how" -- with some people providing both.

For booklists and suppliers of multi-cultural and "mother tongue" books, 
see the page on International-mindedness.

The IB Store -- books, posters, etc.

Booksellers catering to the IBO programmes

Oxford University Press

  • Search for "IB" - and plenty of books come up.

The Booklegger (AUS) -- Rick Susman

  • A bookseller / consultant in Melbourne, Australia, who sends out regular mailings of books for sale, e.g., see his  May 2010 PDF   (NB: Prices in Australian dollars).  He also can produce customized lists based on the MYP / DP curriculum needs of your school.

AustralEd (AUS) - Kate Shepherd

  • A bookseller who provides excellent resources for PYP/MYP/IB schools.  See all her Recommended Lists, and in particular:

Pearson (UK)

IB Source: Quality Resources for the IB Curriculum (USA)

Scholastic (USA)

Pronin International (AUS)

IB Text Books and Resources -- for all three programmes

Jennifer Nelson / Childrens Plus / Browns Books

  • Jennifer Nelson (USA) specializes in library services to international schools and provides books via these two partners, both of which have lists of books for the IB programmes.  NB: you have to register online before you can search or access their lists.
    • Children's Plus (USA) has the following lists available under Additional Lists: International Baccalaureate.

Follett -- Titlewave (USA & now UK)

  • You have to request an account in order to search/use Titlewave, but Follett have lists of books for the Diploma programme -- and may have some for the PYP.  You have to ask your Follett rep to send it to you.  Follett also have a lot of multilingual books, especially Spanish and French.

International Shipping FREE

A major "how to get the books" resource is Book Depository in the UK, which ships books free world-wide (see the Country List).  Okay, not to all countries, but most.  For example, Vietnam and Thailand are NOT on the list.  But China, Singapore, etc. are.  And they're faster than Amazon (US or UK).

The beauty of Book Depository is that it's based in the UK and carries most US and many Australian titles.  So you can expand your international titles for no extra shipping cost.

An oddity of Book Depository is that it ships every book individually (unless you order multiple copies of one title).   This means on an order of 200 books, you will receive 200 padded envelopes (which you will recycle hopefully).  This is a side benefit in some countries, e.g., Singapore, where small value shipments do not attract customs duty notice.

Online Bookseller -- based in Singapore

Open Trolley -- online Singapore-based bookseller, with more than 1 million discounted titles

Lists of Recommended Titles

LibraryThing catalogs

  • PYP2B -- a catalog of books relating to internationalism -- created by Ingrid Skirrow

  • PYP3F -- a catalog of books relating to mathematics in the PYP -- created by Ingrid Skirrow

  • PYPWSL -- a catalog of books for PYP workshop leaders -- created by Ingrid Skirrow

  • PYPLearnerProfile -- a catalog of books relating to the Learner Profile -- created by Ingrid Skirrow

  • UWC_PYP -- a catalog of books relating to the Profile and Attitudes -- created by Katie Day

  • lorenaf - created by Lorena Ferreira (UWCSEA Dover)  -- a beginning collection of Spanish books for a PYP library

  • PeaceStudyCenterInc -- a catalog of books related to peace (not necessarily PYP, but still very relevant)

WorldCat booklists

Other lists

Resources from a workshop on "Resourcing New IB English A courses" [wiki] -- by Jocelyn Holden & Fiona Pearson (Hands on Literacy 2010).

Recommended Resources -- recommendations that have come out of the IB Librarian Continuum workshops in the Asia-Pacific region.  NB: There are many links there to MYP and DP lists of books

Library Catalogs of PYP/MYP/DP Schools

Many of these OPACs have resource lists of books relating to units of inquiry, the Learner Profile, and/or the PYP Attitudes -- and so are worth exploring.
  • For those unfamiliar with Destiny, the places to look are under "Resource Lists" [Public] and the "Visual" catalog search mode.
  • For those unfamiliar with Oliver, the place to look is under "Reading Lists" or via Olly under "Pick & Click".

NB: You can add to this list by bookmarking websites using Delicious and giving the links the tags "schoolopacs" and ("ib_pyp" or "ib_myp" or "ib_dp").

Click here for PYP OPACS
Click here for MYP OPACS
Click here for DP OPACS

Another tag used is the type of OPAC ("destiny" or "oliver" or "koha").
To see a bigger list of "schoolopacs" (e.g., of other international schools though not necessarily IB ones), click here.

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