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Websites / Nings

Inquirers.Org website/blog -- by Lindsey Ferrie & Simon Davidson (one of the editors of "Taking the PYP Forward)

Inquiry Schools website --  featuring videos of Kath Murdoch and Kathy Short, etc., in action

Inquiry Teaching & Learning ning  [NB: no longer working -- now that nings are no longer free]

Inquiry & Thinking Tools -- part of school library wiki of Eileen Hurley in China


From a 2009 book -- Taking the PYP Forward  -- Chapter 1: Inquiry as a Stance on Curriculum -- by Kathy Short

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From the book, Black Ants and Buddhists -- by Mary Cowhey

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A LibraryThing booklist developed with PYP workshop leaders in mind, but good for teachers in general -- created by Ingrid Skirrow.

PYP Professional Development booklist -- created by Katie Day in GoogleBooks - books by Kath Murdoch, Kathy Short, and others