Student Seminars

Below is a list of various student-run seminars held in the Math Department. Many of these seminars can be taken as a 1-credit hour course (see MyPurdue to check). If you are organizing a seminar and would like it to be added to this list, contact us, and we'd be happy to add it!

Basic Skills Workshop 

Organizers: Rafael Ceja Ayala and Leah McNabb

Bridge to Research

Organizer: Jelena Mojsilovic 

Graduate Student Analysis Seminar  

Organizers: Rafael Ceja Ayala and Sebastian Muñoz 

Moduli Spaces and Algebraic Stacks

Organizer: Nico Diaz-Wahl 

Student Colloquium 

Organizers: Anna Natalie Chlopecki and Julia Garner

Student Commutative Algebra Seminar 

Organizer: Annie Giokas

Student Operator Algebras Seminar

Organizer: Iason Moutzouris

Topolodays (Topology Student Seminar)

Organizers: Sofía Martínez Alberga and Daniel Tolosa