Membership Payments

Join the Power PTSA Today!

Why: For only $10.00 you can support your PTSA and all it does. These are some of the great activities and academic and social enrichments we are hoping to offer this year: Fall/Spring Scholastic Book Fair, PTSA Reflections Contest, Halloween/Spring dance or activity, School Improvements, Color Run, Community Service projects, 8th Grade Celebration, Staff Appreciation Week, staff support, and added activities if the environment changes. Our main goal is to offer hope and support to students and families, and we promise to continuously be engaging with you and thinking of innovative events and ideas! The 2021-2022 will be an exciting come back year, and we need you!

When: Now!! YOU decide how much you want to get involved!

Who: Students, Parents, and Staff as we are all part of the Power family!

How: 1)Online Credit/Debit-- Click on “shop” at the top of site and then go to “memberships”. **Also use the new qr-code at top of page for quick sign up.

2)By check or cash--easy form attached with preferred payment and label, “Power PTSA Membership.” Membership hard copy forms will always be available in the Power Office. Please drop off in the Power PTSA mailbox also located in the Power Office.

Questions? Susan Magner--Membership Chairman--

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