Time Event  Description 
6:00 AM   Registration Opens Use this opportunity to meet your team members (there will be signs for each team to assemble under), collect your team's race numbers, and set up your chairs and tents. 
 06:40 AM   Registration Closes By now, your team should've met and y'all picked up your race numbers. Begin assembling with your team at the Start/Finish line (it's a big, inflatable structure) for the Prologue. 
 06:55 AM Pre-Race Announcements  Any final announcements will take place at the Start/Finish line. All teams should be assembled at the Start/Finish Line. 
 07:00 AM Race Begins  All teams begin by running the Prologue together. Once the entire team finishes running the Prologue, the runner for Loop 1 will take off for the first leg of the marathon. Other team members can hang around the race site, talk to our sponsors, and meet fellow runners. We will try to announce when each runner is about to finish, but it is the responsibility of each runner to be prepared to run their loop once the runner of the loop finishes. 
 10:30 AM First Team Finishes  Once a runner finishes Loop 4, the team will run together to complete the Finale. The official team time is when the last runner on the team crosses the finish line. 
 11:00 AM Food and Post-Race Festivities Begin  We will provide food and drinks for the athletes, spectators, and volunteers. Enjoy the food as you wait for the other teams to finish. 
 12:00 PM  Last Team Finishes  We try to set the team rosters so that all teams finish around the same time. In previous years, all teams will finish within an hour of one another. 
12:15 PM  Awards  Awards will be presented to the top-3 teams, and the winning team will be presented with the Peachtree City Marathon Relay Cup. We will recognize the fastest runners of each loop. The coveted Sandbagger award will be presented tot he runner who exceeds their predicted time by the largest amount. 
 01:00 PM Event Ends  Go home. Take some trash with you, too.