We have endeavored to answer most of the questions you might have. However, if you have a question that isn't answered on this page, check out the other pages on this site—we have included lots of information. If you still need some answers, shoot an email to the race director at ptcmarathon@gmail.com. We will try our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

1. I want to run on the same team as my friend. How do we register so that we're on the same team? Or, I have a team of four runners, already. Why can't we be on the same team, buddy?
Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that you and your friend will end up on the same team, or alternatively, that all four of your runners will end up on the same team. We created this race to encourage runners to look beyond the comfort zone of their normal running partners and to meet new friends. Team rosters will be assembled based upon expected 10K time (with each runner having a different expected time). We have an algorithm that sorts the team, and it may produce a team with your friends on it. However, even if you and your friend don't end up on the same team, you will have plenty of time to hang out with your pals while waiting to run your loop. If you and your friend are on different teams but you want to run a loop together, running Loop 1 will give you the best shot of running together—most runners start Loop 1 at about the same time.

2. I registered for the race, but I can no longer run. What do I need to do?
As soon as you learn that you can't run, please email the race director at ptcmarathon@gmail.com. Quickly. Like, right now! You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. If you drop out after the teams are created, it becomes increasingly difficult to replace you on a team (after all, you are irreplaceable), and it can create lop-sided teams.

3. My estimated 10K time has changed from when I registered. What should I do?
You get injured, and your training suffers; you haven't slept the entire race week, and you're literally the walking dead; you've started a Lance Armstrong-style doping program, and you're now breaking world records. We get it—life happens and your run times are bound to change. There is no need to update your 10K time when it changes by +/- 3 minutes. However, if you think that your time has changed by more than 3 minutes, shoot an email to the race director at ptcmarathon@gmail.com with your name and new 10K time. Please send the email before team assignments are released. After the teams are created, you are unable to change your expected time.

1. What loop will I be running in the race?
You won't know which you loop you will run until the teams are released the week before the race. You and your teammates decide who will run each loop. In the meantime, you can study the routes and run them for practice. Or, you can just practice one loop and bribe your teammates to let you run that loop. Either way, you need only let us know the loop assignments on race morning.

2. Can I go home after I've finished running my loop? Or, I'm not running until Loop 4. I plan on sleeping in. What time do I need to get to the race site?
Every runner must be present at the start of the race to run the Prologue and at the end of the race to run the Finale. If you have completed your loop and have time before your team runs the Finale, feel free to run your errands, if you'd like. However, if you are not present when you or your team needs to run, your team will have to wait for you to arrive. Your team time does not stop until all four runners have crossed the finish line. Keep in mind that it may be difficult to park near the race site once the race begins, and you may be delayed in returning to the race. Most runners bring a change of clothes with them and hang around the race site when they aren't running. There is a restroom near the race to wash up in the sink. We'll have lots of food, drinks, activities, and music to keep you occupied during the race.

3. I have to leave at 9:00 A.M. for my child's competitive finger painting tournament. Can I still run the race?
As mentioned in Question 2, every runner must be present at the start of the race, at the end of the race, and during their assigned loop. Unless your team is comprised of a bunch of Kenyan marathoners, your team will not finish by 9:00 AM. If you cannot remain at the race until 12:00 PM, you probably should wait for another year to participate in the relay. Sorry!

4. Do we have to run our loops in order?
For the safety of all runners, your team must run the loops in order. We need to keep track of every runner on the course, and running the loops in order is the only way we can ensure that we haven't left a runner on the course. Running the loops in order is also crucial to provide accurate results. We will also be able to provide your team with real-time information about your expected return time and relative place. Every runner you pass on the course is one step closer to winning the Peachtree City Marathon Relay Trophy!

5. Which loop is easiest/hardest?
It is hard to determine which route is easiest or hardest. However, here are some useful tips:
  • Loop 3 has the most elevation changes and the steepest climbs.
  • Loop 1 has the least elevation change and the longest flat portions.
  • While each loop is approximate a 10K, each loop has a different distance. Loop 1 is the shortest loop, and Loop 2 is the longest loop.
  • Those teammates running Loop 1 have to run the Prologue with their team and then run Loop 1 after finishing the Prologue. All told, the runner will complete 6.69 miles without rest.
  • Those teammates running Loop 4 have to run the Finale with their team immediately after finishing the loop. All told, that runner must complete 6.77 miles without rest.
  • For more information, look at the Elevation Comparison chart to compare the different loops.

6. I want to run with my phone/dog/pet T. Rex. Is that cool?
The race course is not a closed course (meaning there will be other runners, golf carts, cars, and bikes along the course), and all loops require runners to cross streets with cars. If you run with your phone or other musical device, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. Make sure to be mindful of your surroundings and avoid interfering with other people using the cart paths. If you want to run with your dog or pet T. Rex, feel free to do so as long as your pet is able to complete the distance in the June head and as long as your pet remains under your control. Peachtree City has a leash ordinance that requires all pets to be leashed while off their owner's property. We will have water at the race site, but bring your own bowl, food, and treats for your pet. If you bring your pet T. Rex, please be advised that you must provide your own goat for feedings; we cannot guarantee the presence of enough children to satiate your pet dinosaur. There is a dog park near the race site (only a quarter-mile away), and for a $1 donation, you can let your dog run free with other four-legged friends. We reserve the right to remove any pets causing a nuisance to other participants.

7. It's hot in June. Will there be water and shade on the course?
We will have cold water at the race site, and there may be water fountains along the race course. However, each runner is responsible for bring adequate hydration for their loop. Drink plenty of water before and after your loop. While each loop is run on the tree-lined cart paths of Peachtree City, you will have moments when the race course is not shaded. You should prepare by wearing light, moisture-wicking clothing and a hat or visor to shade your face. If the heat starts to get to you, slow down and start walking. If you start feeling light-headed or woozy, call 911 immediately to dispatch an EMS to your location. There are yellow markers placed on the cart path which indicate your location on the path; use the numbers on the yellow markers to direct emergency workers to your location. Additionally, call the race director to dispense a golf cart to pick you up.

8. How is the race timed? Can I use my time as a Peachtree qualifier?
We have a top-notch timing crew that will record your time based upon your race bib. While the timing method might be archaic, it provides surprisingly accurate results. If our time differs considerably from your watch time, speak to the race director to resolve any timing inconsistencies. Unfortunately, the courses are not certified and cannot be used as an official time for any race. Hey, what do you want for a free race, right?

1. I'm new to running and nervous about running on a team. Is my team going to hate me and never talk to me and never vote for me for President?
Having lots of people hate you is rarely a disqualifier from running for President, so keep your political hopes alive! Don't worry about your inexperience! The race is designed to pair inexperienced runners with experienced runners. Each team will have runners of all different speeds and experience, so don't worry about hurting your team. Most inexperienced runners enjoy the race and gain lots of valuable advice from other runners. Besides, the race is ultimately about having fun.

2. I'm terrible at directions. Do you have a helicopter waiting to search for me when I inevitably get lost?
Each runner is responsible for knowing their assigned routes. We will have lots of different ways to learn about your routes, including downloading the route onto Map My Run app. The routes will be marked with spray chalk chevrons, as well. We recommend every runner carry a cell phone with them to call the race director in the event they get lost, and we will either provide directions or send a golf cart to pick you up. There are no course marshals or SAG wagons on the course, so make sure you know where you're going!

3. It's race morning, and I've come down with a mild case of Ebola and can't run. What should I do?
If your Ebola is acting up, I recommend you take yourself to the CDC for treatment. For all other diseases (infectious or otherwise), email the race director and your teammates as soon as possible so we can start looking for a replacement runner. Replacing a runner after the teams are set is difficult, but we'd rather suffer an inconvenience than getting a bunch of people sick. We're not Chipotle, after all. 

4. I've got to watch my kids on race morning. Can I bring them to the race and who will watch my kids?
You are more than welcome to bring your kids to the race site. We often have activities for the kids to enjoy during the race. However, you are responsible for watching your kids at all times, including when you are running your loop. We do not provide childcare at the race, nor would you want us watching your kids—we're lousy at that stuff. After all, we think children are suitable snacks for a T. Rex (see Question 6 above).

5. My agent/publicist/sponsor is coming to watch me in the race. Where is the VIP hospitality tent? I will need 20 passes.
We're excited that you chose to run such a premier race, but unfortunately, we're lacking on courtesies and luxuries your VIPs would come to expect. We'd be happy to offer them some free water and oranges and a nice piece of ground to sit. However, we do not permit any non-approved sponsors to advertise, vend goods, or promote their services at the race.

6. This event is cool, and I want to do more things like this. What should I do?
The Peachtree City Running Club and Tri-PTC sponsored the race to keep it free for all participants. The race is just one of many exciting events each club sponsors, and take the time to talk with club members about the benefits of joining either club. Both clubs offer low-priced membership dues and benefits in excess of your contribution. Check out the clubs' websites to learn more about them.