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Fumiko is a chef, a cooking instructor since 2010.  She believes that anyone can cook tasty food if s/he is willing. She loves to share her knowledge of cooking.

She went Tokyo Sushi Academy to learn to make Sushi.  She is Sake  Navigator and Sake Sommelier since June 2015 certified by Sake Service Institute of Japan

She has taught cooking classes at South Seattle college, Marysville parks and recreationAshton Bellevue and Ten 20 tower in Bellevue, Queen city Yacht club,  Nikkei Horizons in addition to Prune kitchen. She is a instructor for and

She was a chef at ACRS to develop healthy menus and recipe of Chinese, Korean and Japanese style lunches  for 3 years,  worked for a popular authentic Japanese restaurant, Fuji Sushi, in International district and Mashiko at west Seattle. 

 Hope to break Seattle freeze and to fulfill her desire to cook varieties meals , she started and organize "Seattle Let us cooking together meetup   "  with her husband, Daniel. The meetup grew to over 1000 members.  She has planned and cooked for over 100 varieties of meals with members The members enjoy cooking and eating tasty meals together at Prune KitchenShe loves to cook all sort of meals in addition to Asian style meals and apply this experience to organize cooking meetup.
Fumiko's cooking instruction has received Thumbtack Best of 2016 award.

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