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Distinguished Professor of Physics

University of Pittsburgh

Email: clsingh@pitt.edu

Google Scholar: Chandralekha Singh

For my research in theoretical physics, please click on the "condensed matter publications" tab from the top right navigation tabs under the tab "Professional". My diverse theoretical investigations include systems in which Quantum aspect is central, e.g., electronic & nonlinear optical properties (e.g., susceptibility using Third Harmonic Generation) of conducting polymers and high-temperature superconductivity (e.g., Hubbard model using Quantum Monte Carlo) and Statistical Physics focusing on the phase diagram of polymers and polymers at interfaces, nanocomposites, self-organized criticality (using singular diffusion model), transport of ions through voltage-gated ion-channels (using Molecular Dynamics Simulations) etc.

Academic Tree: https://academictree.org/physics/tree.php?pid=190438