Please click on Research to view a list of Professor Singh's publications related to:
  • Physics education research
  • Research on Learning Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Interactive Learning Tutorials 
  • Research on peer interactions in learning 
  • Research on technology enhanced-learning
  • Research on learning Introductory Physics 
  • Problem Solving, Scaffolding and Transfer
  • Analogical Reasoning, Isomorphic Problems
  • Role of Representation in Problem Solving
  • Research on metacognition
  • Research on TA professional development
  • Research focused on improving graduate education in physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Pittsburgh

Email: clsingh@pitt.edu
Google Scholar: Chandralekha Singh

For research on polymers and nanocomposites, please click on the "condensed matter publications"  tab from the left navigation tabs in red.