2024/03/26: Carlos André successfully completed his undergraduate thesis with a score of 9 out of 10. Congratulations Carlos!

2022/07/29: Our paper entitled "Software Rejuvenation Meets Moving Target Defense: Modeling of Time-Based Virtual Machine Migration Approach" was accepted for the IEEE ISSRE 2022 conference.

2022/05/17: Matheus presented the poster "STOCHASTIC MODELS FOR DEPENDABILITY AND SECURITY EVALUATION OF MOVING TARGET DEFENSE" - Ciência 2022, Lisbon, Portugal.

2022/03/13: Matheus Torquato's co-authored paper "Docker platform aging: a systematic performance evaluation and prediction of resource consumption" with Lucas Santos, Laécio Rodrigues, and Francisco Airton Silva has been accepted for The Journal of Supercomputing.

2022/01/20 : Matheus' Google Scholar h-index is now 10.  

2021/08/05: Our paper entitled "Model-based Performability and Dependability Evaluation of a System with VM Migration as Rejuvenation in the presence of Bursty Workloads" was accepted for the Springer's Journal of Network and Systems Management.

2021/08/01: Our paper entitled "PyMTDEvaluator: A Tool for Time-Based Moving Target Defense Evaluation" was accepted for the IEEE ISSRE 2021 conference.

2021/07/19: Our paper entitled  "VM Migration Scheduling as Moving Target Defense Against Memory DoS Attacks: An Empirical Study" was accepted for the IEEE ISCC 2021 conference

2021/03/05: Matheus is among the finalists of the 3-Minutes Thesis Competition of the University of Coimbra (link).  

2021/02/02: Matheus' co-authored book entitled "Olimpíada Salgueirense de Informática: Comentários das provas 2014-2015" was published by IF-Sertão Pernambucano Editora. (link - portuguese only)

2020/12/23: Matheus is the winner of  Doctoral Award  of the first edition of the Tdx Merit Awards, an initiative powered by Talkdesk and supported by University of Coimbra. (link)  News coverage here (portuguese only).

2020/12/01: Our paper entitled "Analysis of VM Migration Scheduling as Moving Target Defense against insider attacks" was accepted for the ACM SAC 2021 conference

2020/09/02: Our paper entitled "Security and Availability Modeling of VM Migration as Moving Target Defense" was accepted for the PRDC 2020 conference

2020/06/09: Matheus Torquato's co-authored paper "Uma Análise Experimental Sistemática do Envelhecimento e Rejuvenescimento da Plataforma Docker" with Lucas Santos, Laécio Rodrigues, and Francisco Airton Silva has been accepted for the 19º WPerformance – Workshop em Desempenho de Sistemas Computacionais e de Comunicação.

2020/06/04: Our paper entitled "An Availability Model for DSS and OLTP Applications hosted in Virtualized Environments" was accepted for the EDCC conference

2020/03/01: Matheus Torquato's co-authored paper "Stochastic performance model for web server capacity planning in fog computing" with Paulo Pereira, Jean Araujo, Jamilson Dantas, Carlos Melo and Paulo Maciel has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Supercomputing.

2020/02/02: Our paper entitled "Moving Target Defense in Cloud Computing: A Systematic Mapping Study" was accepted for publication in Computers & Security Journal.

2019/09/29: Our paper entitled "IaaS Cloud Availability Planning using Models and Genetic Algorithms" was accepted for the LADC conference. 

2019/09/20: I presented three papers at EDCC Conference this year. One of our papers ("An Experimental Study of Software Aging and Rejuvenation in dockerd") received the Distinguished paper award.