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I am an Assistant Professor at the Federal Institute of Alagoas, Campus Arapiraca.

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Coimbra (CISUC-DEI-FCTUC). I am working under the guidance of Professor Marco Vieira.

I received my M.Sc in Computer Science from the Federal University of Pernambuco. My advisor was Prof. Paulo Maciel. My dissertation is about availability models for cloud computing environments with VM Live Migration technique as support for software rejuvenation.

I received my B.Sc in Computer Science from the Federal University of Alagoas, under the guidance of Prof. Marcelo Oliveira. At that time, I worked on building and managing an OpenNebula private cloud to host medical imaging-related applications.

Recent topics:

2022/07/29: Our paper entitled "Software Rejuvenation Meets Moving Target Defense: Modeling of Time-Based Virtual Machine Migration Approach" was accepted for the IEEE ISSRE 2022 conference.

2022/05/17: Matheus presented the poster "STOCHASTIC MODELS FOR DEPENDABILITY AND SECURITY EVALUATION OF MOVING TARGET DEFENSE" - Ciência 2022, Lisbon, Portugal.

2022/03/13: Matheus Torquato's co-authored paper "Docker platform aging: a systematic performance evaluation and prediction of resource consumption" with Lucas Santos, Laécio Rodrigues, and Francisco Airton Silva has been accepted for The Journal of Supercomputing.

2022/01/20 : Matheus' Google Scholar h-index is now 10.

"Pois que se uniu a mim, eu o livrarei; e o protegerei, pois conhece o meu nome.

Quando me invocar, eu o atenderei; na tribulação estarei com ele. Hei de livrá-lo e o cobrirei de glória." Sl 90, 14-15.