My teaching experience
Overall, I taught 86 courses at BA, MA, and PhD/Post-doc level in Germany (Bamberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Kassel, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Oldenburg), Bulgaria (Varna), Estonia (Tallinn), Italy (Trento), Switzerland (Zurich) and Taiwan (Taipei).

Beyond my regular teaching obligations as a professor of methods of empirical social research I have specialized in holding method workshops (ranging from 2 to 5 days duration) at various summer/winter methods schools, graduate schools and research institutes.

Next to teaching introductory method courses I have gained substantial experience in teaching advanced methods of quantitative data analysis: I gave
  • 19 courses in modern causal analysis (causal graphs/DAGs, counterfactuals, propensity-score matching, IV, selection correction/control functions, difference-in-differences) (+ 4 courses scheduled)
  • 20 courses in linear and logistic regression analysis
  • 3 courses in panel data analysis (+ 2 courses scheduled)
  • 3 courses in multi-level analysis of international comparative data (+ 1 course scheduled)
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My teaching philosophy
  • My method workshops build on the ideas of theory-driven empirical social research, which emphasizes the link between theory and empirical applications.
  • In order to guarantee a practical orientation of the workshop, empirical examples are discussed and methods are applied in computer exercises using Stata and real-world data.
  • Instead of getting lost in the details of mathematical proofs, I focus on the interpretations of formulas and results as well as on critical thinking.
  • I share practical insights from applied research and introduce the participants to topical method debates from the practitioner perspective.
  • I am able to deal with groups of participants from different fields (sociology, economics, political science, etc.) and different levels of previous knowledge.
  • My teaching skills and philosophy are valued in terms of very good/excellent evaluation results and I use the insights from evaluations to further improve my courses.

If you are interested in hiring me for a method workshop in modern causal analysis, multi-level analysis, panel data analysis or regression analysis,please do not hesitate to contact me.

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