This project is a school of Nature:
How to live in the forest?   What to eat?
How to build a shelter, an igloo?
   How to make clothes from animal skins?

..Welcomes you back to Stone Age!


 An Experimental-archaeology revival of Stone-Age daily life from the finnish wilds



Starts 18/10/2010. Semi-Nomadic project
based in Kierikki Stone-Age Centre, Yli-Ii
project leader: Joseph Favre-Felix (

!NEWS: This Project have been conducted from October 2010 to Jully 2011 and is now in stand-by, with eventually a continuation in the next years (NOT CONFIRMED YET). 
Please refer to email of the leader of this project ( if you want to find out more informations about a possible continuation of Stone-Age and Wilderness-Living Project in Finland.
With all my wishes of your interest in this website,
Joseph Favre-Felix.

Our project is happening in the open air Stone Age museum Kierikkikeskus in Yli-Ii.
We are recieving groups of 7 international volunteers six times per year, and they are taught how to live like in the Stone Age during 3 weeks.
We are fishing, working skins, bones, stones, sleeping in Stone Age houses, cooking on fire... We are making a kind of reproduction of Stone Age daily life.

Our aim is much more about living in and from the wilderness, using stone age technologies, than about concrete ''surviving''...

The aim is the education of the volunteers, to be able later to interact with nature in a surviving philosophy, find food, make artefacts from nature.
It is also an education to experimental archaeology.
The partners of this project are Kierikkikeskus, and Allianssi.

Description: This project intends to be a reconstitution of Stone-Age daily life.
We believe in experimental archaeology.
We believe that archaeological alive reconstitutions are one of the strongest medium to perform the teaching of historical sciences.
This project includes the interesting perspective of testing in real conditions the hypotheses made by archaeologists about prehistoric life and crafts.
Volunteers will inscribe, as Actors of the project.
Each month (exept january) until may 2011, the project opens 7 places for Volunteers (Finnish and international) to join.
They will receive courses of all kind of Stone-Age technologies, crafts and food harvesting, which mean that they will collect some of their own food with self-made tools;
As well, experiences of group solidarity and teamwork in very basic wild conditions.
Kierikki Stone Age Centre is the “base-camp”, for the group of Volunteers. There will be hickings to “fishing-camps” set in a wide area going from Yli-Ii surroundings, until (in some camps) the East border of Finland.

Fishing licences and landowner agreements are prepared very carefully before the arrival of the Volunteers

The Goal is a 100% outdoor living workcamp, in a wild forested environment, including a daily work using stone age technologies and producing stone age objects .


We want to inscribe in an innovative adult learning, to allow the personal/group development that it implies, and the improvement of basic abilities for individuals from our modern society.
This project is taking its whole scope since it is run in winter times too!

Visibility: This project will be most probably press-attractive, as one exeptional archaeological reconstitution of Stone-Age daily life.
Kierikki Stone Age Centre, which is already very visible (more than 17000 annual visitors, which includes tourists, business groups, schools, are visiting Kierikki Stone-Age Centre), will become even more visited; This affects in a positive way to the eventual sponsoring visibility…
A lot of international volunteers will perform, and the Project will be published world-wide, increasing the visibility.


Partners: ALLIANSSI (Suomen Nuorisoyhteistyö) Allianssi Youth Exchanges works for intercultural learning and global understanding. We believe in "learning by doing" and provide young people volunteering and working opportunities in different countries.
KIERIKKI STONE AGE CENTRE The Kierikki Stone Age Centre is an archaeological exhibition and activity centre. The archaeological museum and the reconstructed Stone Age village form a unique combination telling about Finnish prehistory. Ongoing excavations, an archaeological exhibition with finds dating up to 5,000 BC, and hands-on activities at the Stone Age Village enhance the fascinating view of how people lived in Stone Age Finland.


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