What's New?

2019 - The 9th Annual Power of Florence!

This will be Faith and Ava's second year of taking on the Power of Florence together!

2018 - The 8th Annual Power of Florence!

With Kaylee graduating, Ava Glowacki and Faith Lumadue will join together to lead the Power of Florence! Friends since 1st grade, Ava and Faith are looking forward to working with volunteers throughout their community to find new and exciting ways to give back to their beautiful city.

2017 - Kaylee's 7th and Final Year

Kaylee is graduating this year! It's her last year with the Power of Florence, and she hopes it's gonna be the best year yet!

Faith Lumadue and Ava Glowacki are ready for their second Power of Florence together! They're very exited to be back, and are ready to make a difference.

Each One, One Day, Making a Difference, Together.