Portland Bicycle – Pedestrian Advisory Committee



Adopted January 9, 2006; 

Amended by Vote of the Committee March 8, 2009


1.  In all references below the “Committee” will refer to the “Portland Bicycle – Pedestrian Advisory Committee”

2. Purpose

            The purpose of the committee is to make Portland a better place to walk and bicycle and wheel chair, the committee shall advocate and educate on issues relating to bicycle, transit and pedestrian issues, including handicap accessibility.

3. Membership

            Membership is open to any resident of Portland.  To become a voting member one must attend a meeting and declare your desire to join the Committee.  Voting members must have attended at least one previous meeting.  The above rule may be amended by a vote of two thirds of the voting members present.

4. Officers

            a. Chair


1.     Chair meetings or appoint a chair as necessary;

2.     Prepare Agenda; and

3.     At the discretion of the organization by majority vote at a meeting represent the group as spokesperson to the city council or other committees and the media.

4.     Ensure that the Vice Chair has the opportunity to gain the experience necessary to take over as chair the following year.


1.     The chair shall serve for one year.


b. Vice Chair


1.     Assume the responsibilities of the chair when the chair is not present.


1.     The vice chair shall serve for one year, after which time they shall become chair, pending a vote of approval by the Committee. 


c. Secretary


1.     Take minutes of meetings and present them to the membership;

2.     As directed by the Committee by vote of membership at a meeting be responsible for correspondence of the Committee; and

3.     Maintain records of members of the committee.


1.     The chair shall serve for one year. 

5. Meetings

            Committee meetings will be held on a regular monthly basis, the date and time to be decided by the membership, with at least 10 meetings in a calendar year.  All meetings are open to all members and to the public.  Meetings are to be held at an open and accessible place as noticed by the chairman.  Notice of special meetings must be sent to the membership one week prior to the meeting.  By discretion of the chair or a vote of the members present the meetings will be held according to “Roberts Rules of Order”.  The chair may appoint a parliamentarian.

6.  Sub Committees

            The Committee may assign task forces that can meet to research issues, develop informational events and work on special projects as charged by the Committee.

 7. Policy Issues

            Committee policies may be decided by a vote of the membership at a regular meeting. No person may speak in the name of the Committee unless so authorized by a vote of the membership at a regular or special meeting.

8. Executive Committee

            The executive shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.


1.     The executive can make emergency decisions regarding the committee.  Those decisions must be brought before the membership at the next meeting.

2.     The executive can make decisions and take actions granted to it by the membership at a meeting.

9. Quorum

            All decisions involving policy and actions of the committee must be passed by a quorum of members present at a regular meeting. The Quorum must consist of at least six committee members that have been members for at least one month.

10. Elections

            Election of officers will take place during the regular April meeting of the Committee.  Members may be nominated for office at the March or April meetings.  A member need not be present at the April meeting to be nominated for office.  Nominations must be made by a voting member of the Committee and seconded by same.  Any member of the Committee may request a secret ballot. 

11. Amendments

            The bylaws may be amended by a two thirds vote of those present at a regular meeting.  The amendments and meeting notice must be sent to the membership at least one month before the meeting.