2013.08 August meeting notes

Portland Bike/Ped Advisory Committee Meeting
Portland City Hall - Room 209
Monday, August 12th, 2013 

Attending: Jen Claster (chair),  Damon Yakovleff (vice chair),  Tegin Teich (IBI Group - Franklin Phase II Study),  Carol Morris (Franklin Phase II Study),  John Mahoney,  Zack Barowitz, Clifford Tremblay,  Bruce Hyman (City of Portland),  Alex Landry,  Abby King,  John Brooking,  Markos Miller,  Corey Templeton, John Schreiber, J. Peter Munro 

Agenda Items

5:30 PM: Welcome and Introductions

5:40 PM: Franklin Phase II Study - Listening Session with IBI
Following a brief presentation to introduce the Franklin Phase II Study and contextualize it in light of Phase I, Tegin Teich led a listening session to gather information from meeting participants, noting responses on several large maps. Information was collected regarding biking and walking trip generators, origins and destinations, problem areas, opportunities, likes/dislikes, etc.  A potential crosswalk on Franklin Street extending from Oxford Street was discussed.  The Phase II study will refine the three options for Franklin Street developed as part of the Phase I study, and will recommend one final option, which may combine some of the features of the original three options.  A Preliminary Design Report will be completed for the area between Marginal Way and Oxford Street in December of 2014.  A list was circulated for people who wanted to be added to the interested parties list.  The next PAC meeting has been scheduled for October 2nd, and a public meeting will be held in late January. 

7:00 PM: Brief Updates 
Legislative Update (Damon) 
        None to report
Complete Streets Working Group Update 
The working group has formed subgroups to think about street typologies and connectivity and is meeting again later in August.  
National Night Out/Oxford Street Crossing (Jennifer)
National Night Out presented an opportunity to talk to residents of the East Bayside neighborhood about the Anderson Street Neighborhood Byway project, the new shared use path connector from Washington Avenue, and the idea of a crosswalk across Franklin Street extending from Oxford Street.   The group discussed whether to put a formal letter of support together for the crosswalk, and Jennifer agreed to draft a letter for the listserv's review prior to the September meeting. 
Baxter Boulevard Cyclovia (Jennifer)
A meeting took place at Portland Public Services on August 8th to assess an ongoing cyclovia trial run on Baxter Boulevard.  It is hard to make a fair assessment of the closures' success at this time, since Baxter Boulevard is closed every day due to construction.  However, participants were encouraged by the recreational use of the boulevard and would like to promote closures every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. between Earth Day and Veterans Day, from Vannah Ave to Payson Park, to continue this fall after the Boulevard is reopened to regular traffic.  Jennifer will work on a traffic management plan with city staff and will continue to follow this effort as a representative of the Open Streets subcommittee.    
PACTS Bike-Ped Planning Point Person 
Tyler Kidder will be the PBPAC's liason to PACTS' bike-ped planning effort in the northern part of their region.  Now we need to make sure she attends our meetings and knows what we're up to so she can fulfill the liason role. 
Bicycle Parking Subcommittee (Damon)
The Bicycle Parking Subcommittee will meet this coming Wednesday, and will report back to the group at the September meeting. 
Congress St/FFAW Update (Jennifer)
Mark Rees responded negatively to PBPAC's letter, citing interference with transit, and stating that, under his understanding of the City Code, the closing of Congress Street during First Friday requires a festival permit granted by the City Council.  Suggestions were made to talk to Dave Marshall (who is not in favor of a car free FFAW) , put up a sign stating that Congress Street is congested during FFAW & to seek alternate routes, and to go with Oak Street to Brown street as a back up (push back would occur from the 600 block).  The current situation is not encouraging , but the Open Streets subcommittee will continue to seek a solution.  

7:15 PM: Resolutions
Bikeshare - Response to Staff Recommendations (Jennifer)
    No staff recommendations were brought to PBAC's attention. Attendees discussed whether soliciting several small sponsors would be more achievable than looking for a single, large sponsor.  Possible sponsors might include CBD, Casco Bay Lines and USM. 

Vote - Letter: Closing Ramps on I-295 in the Vicinity of Libbytown
    Alex moved to vote, Zack seconded.  Vote was 8 in favor, no abstentions, none opposed. 

Vote - Letter: A Test Striping of St. John Street to Reflect a Three Lane Section
John Brooking voiced a concern that it would be less safe for cyclists to include a bike lane in either direction than the current proposal, which does not include bike lanes.  Because we were voting for a trial striping, we discussed the need to carefully evaluate the safety of bike lanes, given the large number of curb cuts on this stretch of roadway.

7:30 PM: Other Items
John Brooking mentioned that BCM was looking for volunteers for an event that Saturday
Jennifer raised the topic of whether PBPAC should make our letters of support available to the press, wither as a press release, or a letter to the editor.  Perhaps they could be released to social media.  PBPAC will discuss in more detail at the September meeting.