2013.01 January minutes

Portland Bike/Pedestrian Advisory Committee
January 2013 monthly meeting
5:30 PM, Portland City Hall room 209

5:30: Welcome and introductions
In attendance:
Bobbi Keppel
Damon Yakovleff
Jen Claster
Alex Landry
Zach Barowitz
Christian MilNeil

5:40: Brief Updates:
  • Martins Pt Bridge: under construction, constrained bike/ped access
  • Eastern Prom and Cutter Street intersection: under review by Historic Preservation Board. Would reduce pavement surface area considerably, shorten crosswalks
  • Franklin Street: no updates
  • Foundry Lane hotel project: new hotel project is being held up in Historic Preservation Bd. review due to encroachment on Foundry Lane, an old street converted into a pedestrian accessway from York St. to Commercial St. Developers are revising their plan. Alex updates that the developers are also proposing a new x-walk at Maple across Commercial St: a curb bump-out with rain garden. X-walk committee is advocating for another bump out on the south side of Commercial. Baxter Academy's site plan also calls for x-walks on Maple and York a few blocks to the west.
  • Tukey's Bridge access projects: go out to bid this spring for summer construction.
  • Anderson Street neighborhood byway CDBG application: Bruce has put together a new Neighborhood Byway proposal for East Bayside's Anderson Street, from Tukey's Bridge to Congress. 

Libbytown study update: Kickoff meeting happened in December. Lucy Gibson, who worked on Franklin St. phase 1 plan, is one of the main consultants — a very positive sign. Zack asked about the planned St. John/Valley streetscape improvements. Alex L. believes that they may go under construction this summer. St. John/Park Ave project expected to go out for bid this spring.

6pm - Open Streets update (Jen or Zach):
Committee will be meeting with the mayor to determine best route for political support. Chris Clark joined the working group. Aims to get 1000 petition signatures in support next First Friday. Meeting with Creative Portland board, Andy Graham (chair) said he didn't want half-measures: go all the way to Longfellow Square.

June First Friday coincides with a conference happening in downtown that Jen Hutchins, ED of Creative Portland, is hosting.

6:10 - Spring Street draft plan

6:20 - Complete Streets policy and implementation

Portland has officially endorsed and adopted a complete streets policy. How do we implement it? Discuss ideas and priorities. Background info documents here: https://sites.google.com/site/portlandbikeandpedestrian/complete-streets-plan-and-implementation

Options for us to help with implementation: "SeeClickFix"-style inventories of bad sidewalks/bike trouble spots. Updating the city's Technical Standards. Fleshing out technical details of proposed "Quality of Service" standards for bikes and pedestrians.

Jen. C. notes that Tim Fuller w/ Healthy Portland has some funding for a city inventory of healthy infrastructure. Needs volunteer time committment.

Zach B. says that the document is opaque, difficult to read.

We resolved to form a subcommittee to help with technical design standards. Jen C. will chair, will also invite Erik Osborne and Jeremiah Bartlett and others with engineering experience. Zach offered to help with language and presentation.

A possible model is Burlington's Complete Streets document (attached below).

Alex suggested getting early buy-in from emergency service providers (who drive demand for wide lanes). Adopt block-style xwalk painting as standard.


Jen Claster has expressed an interest in being the group's Vice Chair (currently a vacant position). According to our bylaws, this would set her up to take over the Chair position after our April elections.

Alex L. moved, Zack B. seconded to nominate Jen Claster to be Vice Chair.

There was a brief discussion of bylaws. Christian M. offered to continue taking notes and minutes after reliquishing the chair in April.

Christian moved a vote, Damon Y. seconded. Vote was unanimous (Jen C. abstained).

Christian MilNeil,
Mar 21, 2013, 10:50 AM