На тебе, ласковый мой, лохмотья,
Бывшие некогда нежной плотью.
Всю истрепала, изорвала, -
Только осталось что два крыла.
Одень меня в свое великолепье,
Помилуй и спаси.
А бедные истлевшие отрепья
Ты в ризницу снеси.

13 мая 1918


Have these tatters, my dear, my cherished,
What was once gentle flesh, now perished.
It was torn apart, battered, and stained, -
These two wings are all that remained.

Dress me up in your splendid majesty.
And have mercy, let me be purged.
Leave the shreds, - decomposed and raggedy, -
In the vestry of the church.

May 13, 1918

By Marina Tsvetaeva
Translation by Andrey Kneller


[1] In many publications, this poem was included as part two of the cycle "Psyche"