Alba Orbital Picosatellite Platform (photo courtesy Constantine Constantinides).


PCB antenna testing which illustrates the extended solar panel array in the anechoic chamber at Heriot-Watt University.

PCB antenna for circular polarization (CP) as well as the monopole antenna extended during far-field testing.

CubeSat platform and illustration of the meshed patch antenna for solar panel integration.

Experimental setup to measure the solar panel functionality with the antenna integrated.

Designed and fabricated and extremely compact feeding circuit and antenna for 1.1 GHz operation on Picosatellite platforms.

400 MHz compact antenna designed and measured using standard PCB fabrication approaches and with an integrated feeding circuit.

Designed and measured prototype for K-band satellite applications offering a wideband 10% radiation bandwidth.

Single-layer antenna with multi-port feeding allowing for beam control in the far-field. Beam steering, polarization control, and sum and difference patterns is possible.