Plaban Das has completed his Master of Science in Civil Engineering with specialization in Transportation Engineering at Rowan University. He worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at Rowan Smart Vehicle Research lab. His research identifies the risks associated with the system failure of autonomous vehicles, i.e. autonomous navigation failure, while driving in a mixed traffic stream. Autonomous vehicles are expected to eliminate human driver related factors which are responsible for 94% of all motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. But, before mass deployment, these new technologies must be thoroughly investigated. He developed a fault-tree based risk analysis framework of autonomous vehicles to identify and assess the threats and ensure safety. This research will guide decision makers to develop autonomous vehicle deployment policies and regulations. He also worked on traffic network optimization using Genetic Algorithm (GA).   

He has completed his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). In addition to this, he worked as a research assistant in a Bangladesh Government funded project to develop a "National Action Plan (NAP)" for reduction of short lived climate pollutants emission in Bangladesh. He is so enthusiastic of being a pioneer in the transportation engineering field.  


Resume is Available HERE.