• Exam datasets for research on crowdsourcing can be found here
The exam dataset is collected by us from one junior high school and one senior high school in Taiwan. 
It is released for research purpose only. The answers provided by students can be viewed as labels on exam questions. 

If you use this dataset, please cite the following papers:
[1] P.-Y. Chen, C.-W. Lien, F.-J. Chu, P.-S. Ting, and S.-M. Cheng, “Supervised Collective Classification for Crowdsourcing,” IEEE GLOBECOM Workshop, 2015
[2] P.-Y. Chen, S.-M. Cheng, P.-S. Ting, C.-W. Lien, and F.-J Chu, “When Crowdsourcing Meets Mobile Sensing: A Social Network Perspective,” IEEE Communications Magazine, 2015

  • Traces of actual lateral movement attack can be found here 
This dataset is collected by us from a real enterprise network. It contains heterogeneous connectivity patterns in terms of host-application information. There are two files in the dataset: one containing normal traffic and lateral movement traces, and the other containing propagation paths of lateral movements.

If you use this dataset, please cite the following papers:
[1] P.-Y. Chen, S. Choudhury, L. Rodriguez, A.  O. Hero, and I. Ray, “Enterprise Cyber Resiliency Against Lateral Movement: A Graph Theoretic Approach,” under review