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My research vision: AI Model Inspector for AI Maintenance -- Make the robustness inspection pipeline for AI models as reliable, standard, and easy, as car maintenance. Check out our AI Maintenance paper and this article for details.

See our survey paper on Holistic Adversarial Robustness of Deep Learning Models

Best paper runner-up award at UAI 2022

Book on "Adversarial Robustness for Machine Learning" published by Elsevier

Adversarial Machine Learning: Attack, Defense, and Robustness Evaluation & Verification

ZOO (black-box attack via direct model queries)


EAD (L1 distortion based white-box attack)

[AAAI'18] [ICLR'18 Wksp][ICLR'18 Wksp][DSN'18 Wksp]

Show-and-Fool: adversarial examples for neural image captioning systems


Accuracy v.s. robustness tradeoff of contrastive learning methods


Accuracy v.s. robustness tradeoff of 18 ImageNet models 

Physical Adversarial T-Shirt


Accuracy v.s. robustness tradeoff of different vision transformers

AutoZOOM: query-efficient black-box adversarial attacking acceleration via dimensional reduction and zeroth-order optimization

Advanced zeroth order optimization = Query-efficient design of adversarial example generation process !

Robustness verification and evaluation for neural nets

Robustness certification for semantic perturbations


Adversarial attack on sparse regression


HRS: Hierarchical random switching to strengthen the robustness of a trained based model


Detecting adversarial audio inputs using temporal dependency


DBA attack exploits the distributed learning nature of federated learning to distribute a global trigger (Trojan) pattern over malicious agents


AI (Deep Learning) x [The Delta!]

AI x [Financial Applications]

A general framework of (deep) reinforcement learning for portfolio management with noisy and heterogeneous alternative data (e.g., stock prices + financial news)


AI x [Model IP Protection]

A general and practical framework for model watermark embedding and remote verification, and fingerprinting



AI x [Scientific Discovery]

Machine learning guided molecule optimization with design constraints

[Nature Machine Intelligence]

Network Reprogramming: Data-Efficient & Model-Agnostic Transfer Learning

See our survey paper on Model Reprogramming: Resource-Efficient Cross-Domain Machine Learning

Overview of model reprogramming framework:

Reprogramming black-box machine learning systems


Reprogramming human voice models for time series classification


Community Detection: Theory and Algorithms

To be detectable, or not to be... Performance characterization of community detection

Communication detection in multi-layer networks

Event Propagation and Control in Networks

Information propagation in heterogeneous networks

Malware propagation via multiple paths

Tweet propagation and user language fields

Network Analytics and Graph Data Mining

Network Resilience

Optimization for Machine Learning and Signal Processing

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