Some common sense course rules

    1. Be courteous to other users of the trail. We don't have exclusive use of the trail.
    2. Keep to the right when encountering an oncoming cyclist or walker.
    3. Absolutely no littering!!! Our continued use of the trail depends on it.
    4. When crossing a road, yield to traffic and cross in a safe manner. We will have no officials at any road crossings. There are about 6, marked, gated road crossings on the course.
    5. Handlers and/or friends may only assist or meet runners at official aid stations.
    6. Please refrain from parking in the roadway. We will provide continuous shuttle service the length of the course.
    7. Only one pacer at time please, except for the last few yards to the finish.
    8. Because of the distance between aid stations, it is recommended that runners carry at least one water bottle.
    9. Personal speakers are an annoyance to other runners. Runners have different tastes in music or may prefer silence. If you want music, please use headphones.
    10. Run smart, eat and drink plenty and keep moving to the finish line!!!

Some legal, nit picking rules

There is no crew or spectator access to Tiaghdaton. There will be an aid station with food and water. No relay exchanges can be made there. The runner assigned that section must be prepared to run from Darling Run to Blackwell, 16.9 miles

    1. All runners will display their runner number on the front, visible at all times.
    2. Runners may not receive any aid between official aid stations.
    3. Runners must check in at each aid station.
    4. No littering!!!!!! If so much as the tab from a gel packet is dropped, the runner is disqualified!!!
    5. Any runner who wishes to withdraw must personally inform the aid station captain and surrender their race bib. Any runner who leaves the course without notice will be considered LOST and will be subject to a search and rescue effort.
    6. Pacers must sign a waiver form.
    7. Relay teams may hand off only at aid stations.
    8. There are cutoff times for some aid stations. These are mandatory. If the runner has not left the aid station by the designated time, they will be removed from the run and may not continue.
    9. All runners must reach the Asaph start/finish line by 12 noon Sunday. The course closes at that time.