The Challenge is very beginner friendly. The rail trail has a surface of finely crushed stone and is 20 feet wide. There are literally no puddles anywhere on it. There is no motorized traffic allowed on the trail. You might meet the horse-drawn wagons that give rides into the canyon. There will certainly be cyclists and walkers on the trail. Wildlife abounds. At least 3 bald eagle nesting sites are in the Canyon. The Pennsylvania Game Commission chose Pine Creek as the release site for its successful effort to re-introduce river otters in Pennsylvania. Deer, foxes, coyotes and other small animals are here, too.

 Aid Stations

There will be 5 aid stations along the course. Runners will visit each of these twice or 3 times, for an average of 6 miles spacing. The rail trail has a barely perceptible grade to the south. It loses 900 feet in 63 miles, for a 2% grade.

We don't have mandatory requirements for the 100 mile race, but we strongly recommend that you have already successfully completed a run of 50 miles or more.

Start Times

The 100 mile run will begin at 6:00 am Saturday. The 100 kilometer run will begin at 7:00 am Saturday. The 50 mile run will begin at 8 am, and the marathon will begin at 9 am. The course will be open until noon, Sunday the 9th. That gives 100 milers 30 hours to finish. 100 kilometer runners will have 29 hours to finish. Many of the 100 kilometer runners will finish after dark. Please be prepared.

We Have a Relay Option 

Relay teams may have up to 12 runners but must change off at aid stations. The relay runners will start at 7:00 am Saturday with the 100 kilometer runners. Relay teams are responsible for their own transportation to and from exchange points.


The weather in northern Pennsylvania in early September can be from hot, as in 99 degrees, recorded in 1959, to the raw and cold 36 degrees in 1956. The average range is 51 for a nighttime low, to 75 at midday. This is just at the time the leaves start changing color, putting on a show that draws people from all over the Northeast.

In keeping that this is a personal challenge we will not declare a "winner". All who finish their declared distance will receive an identical finisher's memento. We will link to the Ultrasignup site page that shows results for comparison and planning purposes.

The Pine Creek Challenge is put on by the Tyoga Running Club with the support of the Pennsylvania DCNR. Recognizing the fine location we had for a trail run without all the difficulties that usually are part of trail running, the club has organized this event. Any funds in excess of expenses will be used to benefit the community, in keeping with our club’s objectives.