Racer Feedback

Here is what runners are saying about us!

I want to thank you for an fantastic event. Though I have done a number of 50 - 56 mile ultras (in scary and challenging locals) this was my first 100 KM.

I have raced in locals from Antactica, New Zealand, Africa and Scottish Mountains!

What a great event for first timers and beginners!

Your aid station volunteers were amazing and the food you had at the aid stations really great - I know its a bit of a pain in the butt - but salted potatoes in the future would be great -- or more potato chips.....I am one of those people who can't take anything sweet after a certain amount of kilometres, am a vegan, and have a glass stomach -- so I am just really picky so this is a minor comment......I think your aid stations were just great! On par with some of the best I've run (like North Face).

I think you as a race director are just fantastic - responsive, funny, enthusiastic and caring - a great ambassador for the event.

Wellsboro itself is charming - and the Bear Mountain Lodge where we stayed spectacular. Packet pick up a breeze, easy and very friendly.

I could not believe both the swag you give out - the shirt and the gorgeous mug and the food and facilities at the finish line.

Just wanted to send a message saying thank you, thank you, thank you: to you and your army of volunteers. It's not often enough that we have a day we will never forget, but that's exactly how the 100 went. Great pit stops with great food, beautiful course, safe, easy to follow, could even swim along the way. This was my first hundred miler and it was a blast. I came in dead last, but that just means I had more time to enjoy the people and the scenery. What a day!

It is a nice little gem of a run. I was back for my 2nd go this year (100k) and despite being not as prepared, still had a lovely time. The geology along the creek is simply fantastic.

On paper, the thought of running an entire ultra on a crushed gravel tow-path may not sound appealing to the many single-track lovers (myself included), but once out there...it really is just enjoyable. The local volunteers (including a local boy scout troop), are just top notch as well. It's a good place to push the legs a bit harder than normal and challenge yourself, being that the course is relatively flat ....hence it being the Pine Creek "Challenge". I know coming off of Leadville last month, it was quite refreshing to run something so home-grown with such a small-town charm.

First class race all around. From great communication by the RD to the awesome local, handmade finisher prize, this is the definition of a great race. You genuinely feel like a part of the local community at this race. Aid stations are manned by locals, Boy Scouts and church members who will greet you with a smiling face and cater to your every need. This is a beautiful area of the country and a great trail to run on. Enjoyed the scenery and wildlife we encountered along the way.

Thanks for putting on the race last weekend. It has the potential to be a nice fall event.

Thank you for a wonderful race; great course, scenery, weather, aid stations, and volunteers. I have very limited feedback, as I think this was an excellent race.

Hey thank you very much, it was a great time, well supported event. Everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed that part of PA.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Thanks for putting on the run.

Cudos to your volunteers. They were all doing their best to help us out. The mac and cheese at Cedar run was great. Slate run had the most helpful group and delicious soup. Cammal was the most responsive to my needs. When they saw me try to work the stairs, they moved the entire aid station to the main floor in 40 minutes.

The Pine Creek Challenge was an amazing race. Out on the race course I learned it was the inaugural race. Congratulations to you and all of the volunteers that endured the weather for us and made this race our greatest race experience ever! It is truly the most beautiful course we have ever run in 35+ marathons/ultras. The people made the race even that much more incredible...the Girls Basketball Team, Boy Scouts, the woman at the last Aide Station that gave us home made chicken noodle soup and all those baked goods, the grilled ham and cheese and hot chocolate served at the finish line WOW!!!!!

Many thanks to you and the army of volunteers you recruited to organize and orchestrate the first running of the Pine Creek Challenge. Thank you for a wonderful event and a wonderful weekend. I hope to be back many times!

Thanks for putting on a great race!! Unfortunately, I didn't reach my goal of 100 miles but I had a great time trying made it out to the turn around just past Cammal and got pulled for missing the cutoff. Learned a few things like gaiters are a must on that type of trail...really wish I had them lol and flat course doesn't always mean easy course!!!

My wife and I stayed at the Colton Point Motel and thought the accommodations were great. We both had a great time at the race. I do not know how you made the Thunderstorms stay away but good job! My favorite aid station was Darling Run. Many thanks to yourself and all the other volunteers. You made my first (and last) attempt at a 100 miler a success.

With much gratitude.

I wanted to thank you for putting on a wonderful race! I crewed for a participant in the 100 mile race on Saturday/Sunday. I was hoping you could give me some insight as to when you anticipate the time/place results to be accessible? Again, this was our first 100 mile race and even with the rain the course and the volunteers were WONDERFUL!!! Thanks!!!

Thank you very much for putting on a stellar race. From my crew's standpoint, they were extremely happy with the direction and support that was given out by the volunteers. From a runner's standpoint, I couldn't have asked for anything to be different. Great job selecting a course. The aid stations were amazing. The volunteers were great!

From a very sore 100 mile finisher,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and all of your wonderful volunteers for making the weekend a very nice experience. I really appreciated the young people who helped you with the event. I believe they may be from your local school, and I think they represented their school very well.

My race did not turn out as I had hoped, but that is not a surprise to me. This old cardiac cripple I could never get into a comfortable rhythm with the morning ‘s humidity and withdrew at 50 miles. Even though the course was flat, I had achieved more miles in the previous three events. It is amazing how difficult it is to run flat, when you are used to mountain trails.

Also, the Sherwood Motel folks were wonderful. Great recommendation.

I hope the Pine Creek Challenge becomes an annual event. I would love to come back again.

Awesome race despite mother nature what a great venue volunteers were awesome food at stops were awesome - especially the soup best stop was the last one before the finish - very nice couple, tons of food

Thanks again Steve. I had a great time and hope to come back next year!

oh...and where might photos eventually be posted...facebook?