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Explochip setup source code This is the setup source code. It uses NSIS installer script, NSIS is a free package deployment software.
Explochip source code This source code uses Visual C++ 6 Service Pack 5 (VC++6 possibly enough) and win2K DDK to build it.
Expansion ROM operating system Currently only the loader and very basic kernel, this is actually a valid PCI expansion ROM. You need a linux or other unix clones that have GCC, nasm and gnu make to compile the source code.
Source code of program to calculate integral valueYou need a linux or other unix clones that have GCC and GNU make to compile the source code.This program implement a simple parser and an abstract stack machine. I guess, these are two things that you learn when taking a computer science 2 (CS2) course :)integration_refactored_1-2.tar.gz
Winflashrom The Windows port of the open source BIOS flasher program Flashrom. Flashrom is part of the Coreboot project (previously known as LinuxBIOS). The source code is only for Windows 2K/XP/2003. The file contains both the source code for the user mode application and the device driver. You need WinXP DDK to rebuild the driver. Winflashrom (Note: The filename of the source code is not Winflashrom)
AMIBIOS 1B Module ParserSource code of utility to parse AMI System BIOS (a.k.a 1B module). The source code has been tested on Linux x86-64 and it works correctly. Other OS hasn't been tested. However, non-POSIX-compliant OS compatibility has been integrated into the source code. Therefore, you should be able to compile it on non-UNIX OS without problems.ami_bios_1B_parser.tar.gz

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