Explochip This software provide a facility for you to probe through any port in your PC(x86) hardware. Still in early beta version and runs only on win2K/XP. Currently, it's capable of probing PCI and ISA bus, and probing with a so called "custom" probing, you'll have to know the "hardware communication" protocol very good in order to use the custom probing, or you'll end up with a machine that hangs. The source code is now available for download. Please don't say it is horrible since this software is only a "quick hack" back then.
Flash2.1.5 This file contains the program to flash my os binary into an adaptec AHA-2940U SCSI controller card. However, it's innoficial, but works fine for me :).
AMI BIOS 1B Module Extraction and Insertion Utility This file contains two programs. One to extract the component(s) of the AMI BIOS 1B module and another to insert single component into the 1B module. The programs have been tested in Wine only, even though they suppose to run in Windows without problems. Use at your own risk.

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