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Here, you can find my latest tutorials, firmware and hardware hacking materials, source codes, and free software to be downloaded by you. I plan to add more tutorials and freeware in the future. Meanwhile, you can surf around, perhaps you can find something interesting in this site. You can use the navigation section in the left side to go to the articles that you would like to read. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can drop an e-mail to darmawan_underscore_salihun_at_yahoo_dot_com.

Greetz to Kris Kaspersky, who help me out very often in the past :-) and also my friends at rom.by forum.

Anyway, Pinczakko's cyborg-decoded meaning is Positronic Intelligent Neohuman Calibrated for Zealous Assassination, Killing and Kamikaze Observation :lol:

New Articles

Perhaps, many wondered what happened to this site. I haven't update it for ages. Well, I'm starting to write articles over at http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/. The first one is already up: http://resources.infosecinstitute.com/pci-expansion-rom/. Expect the articles to be mirrored here after the embargo for mirroring lifts up. But, it's also contingent to my work. I worked even on the weekend guys :P.

About my (Old) Book [Updated]

The BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered book has been out of print for sometimes. It was because my publisher closed down its operation in the US due to recession. Please visit the The BIOS Blog for up-to-date information about my present BIOS/UEFI-related research.

Now, about the book.. I have released the BIOS Disassembly Ninjutsu Uncovered (1st Edition) [Unedited] PDF in Github (https://github.com/pinczakko/BIOS-Disassembly-Ninjutsu-Uncovered). You can download it for free. Well, the (copy) rights have expired and I guess lot's of people look forward to it. I don't have enough bandwidth to host it. If somebody wants to host it, please do so but please notify me via email.Anyway, mind you that this is the unedited version, not the shipping version. You might find it a little rough here and there, but the manuscript is complete. If you remember, the English version of the book is 450 pages, but the Russian version is more than 600 pages. I haven't had time to check what was missing in the English edition compared to the Russian edition.

There are three alternative places to download the book at present (but be advised to try downloading from GitHub first in order not to burden the other two sites):

"No one is smart until they really pursue what they want and know intimately what they really want. There's a place called hope in this utopian world. If you never hope for anything, never wonder for anything, then you might be intellectually dead." -Pinczakko, @severe sleeping disorder 2005