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Vyöhyke - Zone, the movie

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27.april 1986

An unidentified flying object crashed down in the southern region near Linnakallio village, resulting in the forming of an hazardious area, where the laws of nature have gone askew.

This was one of the six regions, that were formed within a day in the Northern Eurasian and Northern American area.

These regions were later knowns as "Zones".

The joint efforts of Finnish Defence Forces and other authorities in evacuating the area ended in total failure. Hundreds of soldiers and civilians either died or disappeared during the operation. Tthe original inhabitants of the affected area were never found.

The military isolated the zone completely from the outside world. Posting fences, guardtowers and guarding the area day and night, the soldiers effectively blocked anyone from getting into the zone, or out from there.

Or so they thought...

A new subculture of crime formed around the zone, the "Stalkers". 

By risking their own lives, avoiding both the soldiers bullets and the dangers of the zone itself, the stalkers venture into the area in search of "Artefacts", strange items not of this world. 

For having properties that defy the laws of physics, the Artefacts are in high demand on the black market, being bought by research institutes, weapon manufacturers and even private collectors around the world.